Campaign of the Month: February 2014


Please forgive me if my thoughts seem scattered at the moment. I am rather exhausted, but I feel the need to get my thoughts on paper before I lose them entirely. I don’t really have the words to express this, but I’ll try. We have just witnessed the most horrific tragedy to ever strike us. Galfast is gone. The villages below the city are gone. And my dear friend, Savina, is gone too.

Thousands of lives have perished. I did what I could to save as many as possible – We all did. But, well, what really can be done when an entire city crumbles from the sky? When I close my eyes, I still hear the screams, the blood, the chaos…..

When I heard the giant city groan and creak, I knew that the Scultpori had somehow gotten into the Control Room. I raced there, as did Zahtist, Magnus, the Guardians Janissaries and Guardian Soldiers that had survived the battle followed quickly. The pilot was dead, headless on the ground. The other workers around him were dead too. Their bodies swayed like rag dolls as the city wobbled left and right uncertainly.

We formed a plan quickly – Or I should say that Savina did. She said that she can move the city north over the ley lines, and keep it afloat. This should give us more time to help as many people off as possible.

Savina handed me her staff and broach, and I wanted to refuse. I knew she couldn’t survive without the staff. Then the city rocked so sharply that we were all thrown off balance. Savina took her place on the throne, looking like a stately queen, and her eyes were shining with ice blue light. The ground stopped trembling. Slowly, the city started to move, and I knew that Savina had control. But we had to act quickly. We had 24 hours at the very most, and over a million people to get off of this doomed rock.

Savina and I locked eyes before I turned away quickly so that she wouldn’t see the tears that were forming. My dear friend had been brave in her final sacrifice, and I had to be brave too. She whispered in my head the magic in the Skyfast and the ley line would help her healthy long enough to pull this off. Poor Zhatist looked as though someone had stabbed him, Savina was one of the few non Werebeasts to know all his secrets and still like him for who he was, even if jibbing him to be a better person. She saw the good in him, in all of us.

Magnus had his head bowed as though he might be praying. Then his head snapped to attention he walked forward and took Savina’s face in his hands. Oh, to be held with such terrible tenderness…

To Savina ~
Eternity was in our lips and eyes,
Bliss in our brows’ bent; none our parts so poor as our hearts alone
But was a race of heaven.

To Magnus ~
Have I caught thee, my heavenly jewel? Why, now let me die, for I have lived long enough.

To Savina ~
Doubt thou the stars are fire of the Amesha Mazda;
Doubt that the sun doth move as the eye of Ahura Mazda follows the day;
Doubt Asha to be a liar;
But never doubt I love thee.

The kiss that followed will stay with me was the purest sign of true love I have yet to see. He turned and started walking out and the rest of us stood there aghast what was just lost forever in front of us all. It took several second for us to realize that we all needed to follow Magnus.

I am not certain I can explain what war is like so above is a Tazu scroll of the hall way and some of the dead. Just in case someone recognizes a relative and that person(s) was duped I did not try to get any faces but this is what 620 dead people look like. Please to those that may read this in the years to come, burn that into your mind for nothing about that battle was glorious. We fought to free our friend and she is now trapped here with those souls that bet they were on the winning side.

The city had gone crazy not unlike rats on a sinking ship, and everyone feeling the city might fall out of the sky helped nothing. Magnus began pushing through the crowd toward the bookshop. I told him to let only the innocent through, and he, Zhatist and the Guardians did just that first with a mother and two children. I took their hands and asked if, “If you want to live you have to trust me.” When they nodded we vanished in gray smoke. I sent them through our ‘Gate’ to Daedala! I told them to say the phrase I would repeat THOUSANDS of times, “Tell them the Gray Lady sent you, more are coming and Galfast is falling out of the sky!”

I re-appeared a few seconds later and smiled at the Ser Magnus for we had a working plan blessed by Parvati herself! Next, there was a poor Arudanni trying to save people and he had two Galvan children. The crowd was trying to get him to save them instead! With Zhatist ‘the serpent’ chasing the crowd away he tried to soar up but his wing was broken I touched them and said I could help, just trust me. When they nodded we vanished in smoke and sent them out our Gate in Berkay with the same phrase.

Why is it when tragedy shows it’s face people try to profit off of the suffering of those around them? The three of us continued saving one group after another and when I found such a group I attacked them with the same promise in smoke! Once in the realm I just removed the ‘’Homing-Torc’’ and my realm’s natural defenses attacked them with mini-rifts…
…problem solved.

My dear Rascal is not just my familiar, not just my friend, but my savior and faith that animals act on need not fettered by good and evil. Not wanting to be left out of saving people he began harassing our opponents so we could exploit the distraction, and several times he got me out of the way of friendly fire and mortal blows! His most noteworthy save was a race into a burning building to save a baby he heard and leaping from the window clutching the new born and swaddling clothing! Screaming all the way down Ser Magnus caught them both and we continued our way to the bookstore.

Other times I used the staff to fire frosted orbs into crowds to freeze and numb attackers so Magnus and Zhatist could grab the innocents and I save them. Amazing we were at saving merchants, families, random people I had never met of all walks, creeds, nations! For a bit I thought we might just save everyone as Galfast shifted left, then the other left! It was getting hard to know where I was, so I just followed Ser Magnus and Zhatist! I had saved to many to count when we reached Zarena, Cara and – no poor Tobias!

After reaching the bookshop, Zarena and Cara were holding Tobias in his wereserpent form, dead! I liked him! Around him, behind them, above them were the bodies of the crazed opportunists I mentioned earlier. Zarena had a duelist blade meant for speed in her hand with all its fingers still attached. She had been bloodied during the fight and I used the staff to heal her physical wounds. She made playful banter at Magnus while trying to appear strong for Cara whom she held onto like a hurt child.

When I send them to the realm I command Rascal to stay behind, update Ina and my brothers when they arrive. I send Cara and the child through the Gate leading to my home and Greenwater, Zarena I point to which Gate leads to Daedala, so she can teleport home once she arrives. Together we carry Tobias through and I run back to join everyone else.

It was 18 long hours before Savina calls us back and it feels like I might have saved a few thousand people. I can’t keep track and the lack of time I could give them when I would shove them through a Gate into any of the four nations I feel awful about all the displaced and separated families I have made to save whom I could.

As we headed back through the chaos, saving those en-route to the tunnels we were greeted with another surprise of the Sculptori, the walking dead! A few of those we had slain had risen once more to try and kill us a second time! The last of our Guardian companions fell to the undead and Magnus was forced to behead him to prevent him from becoming one of the walking dead. Zhatist stops briefly to send word about the walking dead to those in power and poised to help others.

Then we entered sky throne once more and it was though Savina had become transparent blue rippling with magic energy! I could see through her and knew that we would never see each other like this again. Magnus says he’ll stay to the end; Savina threatens to drop the city now if he does so and she waits no longer after we have agreed saving some is better than none surrounding us in blue light. When the blue glow vanishes we are in a new Hades, the surface below the falling city! Seconds after our arrival a body plummets to the ground nearby, and then a sneering message of thanks from Sculptori. Without hesitation I blink our supplies away in grey smoke and then we begin the task of saving people once again hearing the clarion call of Galfast/Savina above warning everyone to flee!

Savina’s scream to run comes three hours later, 21 hours after the spells broke their renewal process. We grab on to each other and as I begin the process to send us to safety a child’s teddy bear misses my head and I look back to see a mother tossing her child at us, a split second before she is crushed by falling debris. I can barely hear the announcement saying thanks to me for saving as many as I did…
…appearing in the realm with rubble from the debris that crushed the mother I look down at one item. Amid the dust and dirt is that half torn child’s teddy bear.

I don’t know what to say,

Penned on the fourth of Crimson

Savina Picture courtesy of The Golden Freya.
Halls of dead from The Black Library.
City in chaos collage by Ukitakumuki.
Throne picture by Zememz.
Zarena picture from Photl.



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