Campaign of the Month: February 2014


When you can travel between worlds you can forget the beauty in them. During dinner Savina believes their are several signs blood magic is being used. Her knowledge of the dark arts is fairly astounding. Magnus sent a little Gosai child to the Guardian Barracks with a note to hire some off duty guardians for the night and he gave the child a silver triangle promising another when he returned with the protectors.

While we were waiting for our guardians, we discussed the day’s events further. Savina feels that Scriptori may want her returned to the people that originally trained her. But this is confusing, because she is aligned with good now. What purpose could they possibly have with her?

The next morning, a note arrived congratulating us for beating the other team. It also mentions that Zarina is healing well but makes a fantastic inkwell and Cara is putting herself to use. These words make my blood run cold. We are also told that we will receive additional instructions after arriving at one of the three following locations: Baydorf, the Holy City, or Galfast. We have three weeks to get to one of these three cities. They ended the note by stating, "If we don’t receive notification that you’ve received our messages, we will kill the girl and move on to a different strategy.”

Other details from the note indicate that someone was watching us during dinner. I most certainly didn’t sense anyone, and I don’t think other members of our party did either. We decide that we will go to Galfast, and that flying will be best. Magnus offered some free travel vouchers for flying, but Rascal will have to be contained.

Savina and I then went into town to get an enchanted carrier for Rascal, and some treats as well. The markets are amazing in the tree, and I found a fantastic pet shop. The attendant Gentry was most helpful in picking out a cage for Rascal that is enchanted with a Cloud of Slumber. I also bought him a neet enchanted flying fish. I was so impressed with their merchandise that I immediately signed up for their Pigeon catalog. The first one should arrive sometime next month.

After completing my purchase, I was able to send additional items home via Gray Lady. This did take a little coaxing though. After seeing me become Lenus, the shopkeeper had no issue sending the items home on an account for me. I better send a note to Elijah though before he gets the bill. This alchemist shop may be a great client for us.

While there Savina had a long conversation with the shop keeper, and revealed that she was a living rune weapon. I was less than thrilled with this, but we were able to get some additional information about Sculptroi. The shopkeeper was around the first time that Sculptori came to power 500 years ago. From what she’s heard, he does dabble in dark magic, and there may actually be a group that follow Sculptori who want to remake the world in what they see as perfect. She also mentioned that there’s rumors that Sculptori is actually a dark rune weapon himself, but this hasn’t been confirmed. Sculptori could also be an elf with an age potion, a dragon, a demon, or possibly a dark god. None of these options has me overly excited. I hope that these are all just rumors, but I’ve come to learn that rumors tend to be based on some iota of truth. We just don’t know what that truth is yet. When the shopkeeper bid us ado, she also warned me that getting too close to Sculptori could result in watching my friends die. Perhaps I need to cast a spell for good luck. We may need it.

Magnus has just advised me that we’re scheduled for the last flight of the day. I still need to find Rascal and get him in his “Sleepy Box” in preparation for our journey.

Until Next Time,



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