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Ides of Vahishta

Captain Akshay's Log: Galilee to Ith-Mahal

Ship’s Log:Chaaya’s Quest, Commanded by Captain Akshay, under direction of Ambassador Bu’uhmi of Fikir Tayfa

The 9th of Vahishta: Left Galilee 10:00

Battled with Sky Pirates, the Chaaya’s Quest took some damage on a strong bank. Our little crew captured two vessels: the damaged (burnt) merchant ship, and the frigate crewed by pirates. 13:00

Arrived at Belfast to drop off ships. Lady Leena was noticed by the rival competitors as having saved their ship. 11:00

Spent the night aboard the ships. 22:00

The 10th of Vahishta: Lady Leena receives a cryptic pigeon post from husband. Shares this with the inner circle of the crew. Content seems of little concern to me. 10:00

Pirate ship given over to me, Captain Akshay, after I let the victimized crew loot it for reparations. (BLOODY PIRATES!) 13:00

Left Belfast 13:32

The _Chaaya’s Quest flies over Bahari-Almen (Capital of Berkay). The crew marvels at the glazed tile roofs below. 14:16

The 11th of Vahishta:

Stopped briefly by a Sussurian skyship patrol on the border of South Jeolla. 09:00

The 12th of Vahishta: Tadje is seen in crow’s nest looking out in the distance. 08:15

The 13th of Vahishta: Arrive in Ith-Mahal. Leena changes into Vora. 08:35

Arrive at shop called “Healing Food and Supplies”, an apothecary shop with tools for medicinal kitchens and doctors. Meet Valryk, Vora/Leena’s husband. 09:00

Tadje tries the Malta Köken, an experimental drink and touches metal for the first time without pain in his life! Valryk vows a favor to him. 09:40

Bumi goes in back for a private meeting. 09:45

Others join. Overhear talk of a book, somewhat like a collection of Tezu. Also hear of a cave full of blue crystals. 11:30

Valryk convinces everyone to stay the night at a Shirn run Hotel down the street so he might have a night with his changeling wife. Chen’s concubine looks so excited as well for a night with Chen on land again (Firstmate Mr. Palo Zanshariff reports that she has not been very fond of flying but does it for Chen). 21:15

Written by the hand of Captain V. Akshay of the once Windracer, now captain of the Chaaya’s Quest under commision of the World Council, and Ambassador Bu’uhmi, in the year 10K and 2 A.T.

Player’s Note: This is not the log I wanted to put up. But I needed to get something up since it was already late. I am preparing something with more flavor and spirit!


I like it, and I will look forward to the updated version.

Ides of Vahishta

I like the idea of the official log being done by another character, and the time stamp is quite clever as well.

Ides of Vahishta

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