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The night grows darker. I fear the dawn of tomorrow shall never come. Wailing. My mind hears nothing but cries and wailing. The cries of the fallen, both the slain and the slayers fill the night when I sleep. I no more dream pleasant dreams. Alas, my nightly visions are now filled with shades of fear and looming death. My life itself has become a nightmare. I am ever running, though my body is in constant stillness, for I am ever frozen in fear.

My mind still cannot shake their hideous cries of that night. They are a blight upon our paradise, my dear Tadje. I dare even speak of them. Not for fear of what they have done, but in fear of what they will do. I know I risk my life in writing this letter. But if it brings about my demise, then at least my consolation is that the cries shall finally be stifled in death.

Tadje, I speak of the…the…see here, my pen and hand struggle to even bring these words to light. But I must! I must make myself push past this fear….

I return. I have swaddled myself inside a protection circle to finish this letter. It is the only way I can shut out the darkness contaminating my mind. It will not last, I know. So I must write fast. I wish…nay I must tell you of the murder of my master at the hands of the… consentrate, must keep up the spell …at the hands of the Färshee. This is the name given to the band of vicious psychics that have been dispatched throughout all of Daedala to cull, and slaughter the children of Drodd. They are also known by more ominous names in the streets and by those who fear them: Demon Wolves, Harrowed-Howlers, Wailing Wärgs, and Mind-Bleeders.

My master, Olendul Kavadruk sensed something insidious coming. As you may recall when we left Arcanus Hall, Master Kavadruk wished to unlock the mysteries of Divination. He was obsessed with this, if you may remember. He felt that Arcanus Hall could not offer him the refinements necessary to fulfill his request. So despite the forebadings of Master Zhuyin Hu, Kavadruk made way to Daedala the home of the Seers, to reach enlightenedment. But alas, I fear Zhuyin Hu’s warnings have come true.

My master’s proficience with divinement waxed and waned upon reaching Daedala’s hills seven years ago. In all this a reoccurring dream plagued his mind. He could not divine its meaning. But professed the dream grew clearer and clearer over the years. Last week he was able to decipher its mysteries as at the height of the full moon the dream became as real as life.

In the dream Master Kavadruk found himself underwater, yet able to breath. Around him was a cave lit up with an enigmatic cerulean glow coming from bluish pearls the size only could compare with the Eye of Agu. They blanketed the walls of the underwater cave. He approached one of them out of curiosity. To his horror there was a living creature inside, a dwarvish fetus! Hundreds of them. At that moment my master felt as if he were being watched. But by whom or from where he knew not. Suddenly one by one the blue pearls began to explode violently. The destruction started on the farside of the cave, and was coming toward him.

Master Kavadruk turned and swam as fast as he could towards a crevice in the rock. The explosions followed him, nearly engulfing him. Once out of the cave he saw the surface above. At this moment he realized he no longer could breath. The pains and pressure now filled his chest. He rose fast for the surface, gasping in a deep breath once he broke through the thin border between water and air.

Now wading in the water he saw he was in a vast ocean stranded with no aid in sight. Above him in the sky he heard flocks of Galilean Gulls cawing in a repeating fashion, like the banging of a church bell. He knew their site meant that he was not far from land. He began swimming toward the setting sun hoping that is where the birds roosted. He felt like he had swam for nearly a mile when he spotted a coast.

Tired and sore he pulled himself out of the water on to the beach. Night was coming, and still he felt like he was being watched. As he rested on the sand, the waves lapped repetitiously against his legs. Over head he could still hear the gulls, again. Their sound got closer and closer. He noticed that the waves too were crashing synchronously with the cawing gulls.

Then he heard them. At first he thought they were distant drums beating to the same rhythm of the waves and gulls. But it wasn’t it was his pulse beating inside the arteries in his head. It was then that the distant cries came. They came from the sea behind him, like a lost whale. He stood to gaze into the now dark vastness, but could see no threat. Yet, he felt it. Something was there.

The distant moan grew louder—-closer. It became a shrill like a captain’s whistle—-closer, louder. The shrill became a wail, then a scream. All the while the waves, the gulls, and his heart beat the rhythm—-calling death. In the darkness, glowing lights began to break the water just over the rises of crashing waves. Hundreds of glowing lights. Then he saw that the were all in pairs. At that moment he realized who was looking at him. Thousands of pairs of glowing eyes staring at him from the waters, crying out with a cry to pierce his very mind.

The water began to recede from the sand around his feet. The tide was being pulled out to sea. Now the beach extended deep into the inky blackness.

Suddenly, the gulls stop cawing. The eyes stop scream. For a moment he was left in the silence only occupied by his beating heart, the calm before the storm. He could see the many eyes rising up in the blackness. When all at once the distant ocean began to roar.

With the single sound of a massive howl, the ocean broke crashing forward with tremendous power. Furies composed of glowing eyes and water bodies in the semblance of wolves dashed against his body. Throwing it around like a doll made of corn husks. The wall of water hit him so hard that the very air inside his lungs immediately was ripped from his tightly pressed lips. Just before the blackness overwhelmed him…he would awake.

Tadje, this all may sound just stories of a nightmare, or rants entertained by a madman, if not for the events that had just transpired but a few nights back. They came. We were set to leave, having interpreted the dream’s meaning. But we were too late. The howling came just as Master Kavadruk said! We had our bags slung about our shoulders, and our affects strapped to our persons. As we reached for the door to bolt and run, our very house engulfed us! The walls seemed to peel and extend towards us like gawking hands ready to violate. The howling grew louder. It felt like my mind would explode. I fell to the ground in agony. I threw my hands over my hears futility to plug out the howls. I could not take it any longer. Blackness began to take my mind. As my eyes slow fade out, I saw a glimpse of the Dogmen taking my master by his arms as he flailed for freedom.

When I awoke, the howling had stopped. I was alone. Our flat was in disarray. The door was open. The noon day sunlight shone beguilingly through the open door. An uncanny silence came from the street outside. I felt empty and lost. No words can describe how I felt inside. I wanted to curl back up in that ball I once was just in, curl tight and shut off from the world. My master I know was no more. Though I could not confirm it until a day later when the news was broke across all of Regnum, I knew at that moment that he was not the only one. Tears began to fall from my cheeks. It was then I noticed the dried blood around my nose. I felt to my ear-holes. They too had lines of dried blood. I fell to my knees and just cried.

Tadje, I do not know what will come of me. I have fled the borders of Daedala by way of the open lands, staying clear of her roads. But I fear they will eventually come for me, despite that I am not dwarf. Tadje, I don’t what all these changes mean; but I feel that this letter needed to make it into your hands. Master Kavadruk taught this principle, to always follow those simple awakenings that I feel. For this, I have sent this letter. I have not sent it via Pigeon, for I fear those missives are being watched.

One last note, upon the delivery of this letter I am breaking my familiar’s bond with E’eyolla. She has served me well. Please take care of her as if she were your own. She will have at least a few good years in her. Thank you, Tadje. And I pray that we may one day meet again in fairer times upon the shores of Ëaradol. But that times is not now.

Your friend and fellow Gosai,

Dé’odin Thu’réadör, Arcanant of Arcanus Hall, 7th Order of Magis Gohorem Guhai, Apprentice of the Divinator Olendul Kavadruk.

Hand-written letter on parchment, delivered by De’odin’s hawk familiar, E’eyolla.
Arrives on the 15th of Hordad, 10,002 A.T. Day three of the three day trek to Galilee.


Lies, all Lies, told by a Greenie to besmirch the good name of the Daedal!
Excellently written though….

Howls of the Farshee

Becuase this arrive right before the arrival in Galilee I am making it part of next sessions logs. Now this was very well done, the tone of fear and uncertainty was clearly personified in the maintaining focus for magic. An action that should be second nature to a wizard was something he struggled with as he was so horribly shaken. You have an excellent grasp, like a few others in the group for capturing an emotion in prose.

Howls of the Farshee

I had chills while reading this.

Beware the Wolf.

Howls of the Farshee

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