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First Contact

Journal Log 10.0

Very unlikely that fate would show her sliver haired head in such an astonishing way,to leave me almost thought less and buckling at the knees. I guess this deserves a bit more of an explanation. Hoping that you have the time to listen i’ll start from the beginning.

My uncle Zalefore comes to me with a possible solution to a problem that has plagued our family for generations. I, ever the skeptic, seeking for something to turn my wooden heart listen intently as he explains the nature of a our newest transporter and her very mysterious ways of get “victims” away from this, our great empire. To say the least I am intrigued and a bit excited except for I guess having to pretend to be married to my cousin who is a charming girl I’m sure but my cousin none the less. This is the plan outlined by my uncle who I should add has an incredible mind for strategy and if it will help our people at large then I will do it along with whatever else it takes to see our vision into fruition.

Our meeting was very uneventful I opted out of greeting her upon her arrival and was spared the mouth full of Galvanist rhetoric she covered my poor uncles surcoat in. When we did finally make contact in order to discus the plans she was as bubbly and as quick witted with the incestuous remakes that had always kept me so far away from her at court events. I imagined a few of the ways I could dispatch he when it was time to complete my task and a few brought a perverse smile to my face, better for this game of charades that she think me interested in what she had to say. A few hours later we were on our moon lit date upon a one mast schooner racing across the twenty miles of water separating Baydorf from Lavia. We discuss the direction of our families ascension, and she discussed the need to optimize the quality and strengthen the ties of our bloodline, and I thought about how she would truly feel if she knew anything at all about our “bloodline”. The trip was over far sooner than expected though still not soon enough as Zerena’s anti-Galvan hate spill had already began to make me seriously reconsider my earlier thoughts of having no harm come to her through all of this.

Once docked at Lavia it took no time to spot our transporter a midst the boxes and barrels of good to be shipped there was no one else but her, and by the moon did she cut a figure. A flowing silver mane draped perfectly over her elven features ,and we all know how those elven features are, but most striking was the pendent she wore glistening gold inlaid with an opal stone, she truly cut a figure but was far more then that I would come to learn very very soon. Our introduction was short as to say no names exchanged, and really no words except a confirmation that all was in order with the seals on the money bags and the profits of her labor and ominous wind blew causing us all to look around as if the gust it’s self had eyes. I saw no one close enough to be paying us any attention actually the only thing of note was the intense hunger in Zarena’s eyes, it saddened me a bit, and strengthened my resolve she held in her eyes the feeling of the Galvan Empire. The thought that we should not be allowed a chance to live free, and i can’t help but wonder if she knew how would she feel.

Leena offers her hands to us as if to initiate some type of prayer circle, and this is where things began to get strange. The instant I touched her hand time stopped and reality seemed to begin bleeding first one color and then one object in the next all swirling around to be swept up into a pragmatic whirlwind of molecules. As reality began to put itself back together object by object color by color I noticed that we were in a house, a quaint wooded cabin beautiful and homely. While I stood awe-stricken Zarena decided somewhere that this was all just a little bit to much for her and lost her mind blowing her cover, as I had no intention for our greatest hope for my people’s self exile to be arrested I tried to calm her down. If the elf was any other smuggler this fiasco would’ve ultimately spelled her doom. I even wanted to do my elitist cousin in for good with this blunder, why I’m so soft heart-ed with a nature rooted in cold blood is beyond me. Leena put her sleep using a spell and seemed to completely disregard the comments about her arrest that Zarena so graciously divulged, this put me a little on edge but she remained the welcoming host as always. When she led us through the front gate of this daylight manor home, we appeared in an inner courtyard at nighttime in some other location yet again! She spoke with an elven male I would suspect a servant of some sort by the way they interacted up until a pigeon flew down and landed on her arm becoming a letter as she took it in hand I watched her read it it looking for any changes in her face on posture but seeing none. When done she rolled it back up and continued to converse with he male elf once he had walked off she offered me tea. At this point I began to rabble about Zarena’s comments but caught myself deciding privacy was best for this story and she offered to get rid of Zarena. After those arrangements were made I received a pigeon just as Leena had and once I began reading it knew that both were from my uncle which lightened the weight on my shoulders allowing me to easily explain the plight of my kinsmen to Leena. Through the conversation she was made aware of a few important facts about werekin and ultimately decided that we’re worth her time. I was certain after seeing her display of magic that she could do it, that she could create a plain of existence all her own as beautiful as she and twice a breath taking and mysterious was a testament to that and had left me weak at the knees, no easy feat. We decided to stay on her island to further discuss our deal, my uncle will be pleased to hear about this all and to meet her.

The Inspector


Well done KnightFhury I think it is a great first effort and can’t wait to see this unfold.

First Contact

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