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I was having another perfect day. The light was glowing perfectly off the shining golden tower of Baalgor. An elderly dwarf burst in on my reverie, demanding my report on Fikir Tayfa. I of course let him know that perfection could not be hurried, and that I would need to visit the Invisible Land myself. He gave me an offer I could not refuse- I would be allowed to do just that.

Meanwhile, in another, lower, section of Baalgor Island, Roshada asks Tadje to give up everything in his life for her, and oddly enough, he agrees.

Guardian Salazar gives Anrir an assignment- guard the retiring Ambassador Narakosh. Anrir is handed a folder, which he does not read, not wishing to offend the Guardian. Strangely, it seems that he never reads it.

Leena gets invited on the trip by Narakosh.

We all get on the fine ship Windracer.

Anrir meets with the Ambassador, and is upset about being told that the trip would be easy. That should have been warning enough.

We reach Belfast, a sky realm that I had not yet visited. Here Bumi replaces Narakosh as ambassador. A little background on the ruling class is in order.

Justicar – relationship to the World Council (the Council of Twelve, is very much like the President of the US Senate) he only gets a vote on issues when there is a need for a tie breaker vote. Anyone that takes this job gives up their citizenship in their home country forever! When they retire it is to Guardian Lands to live out their days provided for like a retiring King, Lord High Prefect, Emperor, etc.. They may never again claim citizenship in any country. In his last year of a 5 year term is Justicar Vitrandul, a Daedal Mind Mage, and this will be his fourth term of office. There is no limit for how often one can run and Living Rune Weapons can run for public office that have finished their century of service to the Guardians. The Dwarf Elementalist LRW: Isle-Wind has served the most with 270 different terms in office!

I am privileged to interview Leena and Savina via proxy. Leena transforms to an appearance of Savina for the time I question her to clearly differentiate opinions, ideas and whom you are talking to – her vocal cords, tone of voice and speech patterns clearly differ at this time. Savina talks about the fact she studied dark magics during time as a human girl among the Free Islands from her mentor (She absolutely refuses to discuss her mentor and is polite but adamant) and she survived his attempt to bring forth a “lord among Demon Maggots” when she was caught for her crimes and brought before the World Council and subjected to the Orb of Thought. It was these events that truly sparked the beginning of what history would come to know as the Galvan Necropolis. She feels that sacrificing herself to help Leena, Magnus, and Zhatist save 1/20 (roughly 10,000 – 12,000) of Galfast was a fitting repentant action for the sacrifices she had been apart of as a youth. She admits that studying magic of any kind in the Free Islands gave you a status and elevated you from the dock workers, pirates, and other scum that would use the free trade port and the brothels the girls were subjected to. Since they are not apart of the Accord there is not the same freedoms there as everywhere else in the world. Her biological mother was prostitute and she was sold to the “mentor” by her father, whom was her mother’s pimp. During her training she heard the brothel burned to the ground and her father was murdered. She smiles because even in that tragedy she knew her mother was finally “free” from that life.

Rascal speaks well in Trade Elven and he tells me how he and Leena met about 24 years ago when he was pilfering food from Leena’s trash and then she used the spell that made them companions from that day forward. Rascal is slightly sad about knowing he far above others of his kind as “you” sound when everyone else speaks. Rascal did not realize it till the day of the voyage but the time traveling and doing good deeds was the happiest he has ever been. The last 20 years he has enjoyed seeing his friends and being fed fish but only on the road does he feel happy as bipeds put it. He has also found he needs to spend time in the wilds to remember scents, and habits that truly do fade over time. Learning concepts has been hard for him because he is aware it is the mystical bond that has elevated his mind but does not allow him to read – no matter how hard he has tried. Even when he uses his Quill of Literacy he just can’t make the connection between saying a word and knowing when it writes that word even if it is one at a time. He feels sad for other reasons at times, and he struggles with concepts at times here because feeling an emotion for more than a single reason is difficult for him to completely grasp though he crudely understands it can happen. He hopes one day to be like the Daedals, Shirn, Ursen, Zaracenti, and Arudanni, because he feels the longer he stays a familiar the harder it will be for him to “want” to relate to others of his kind and all the Raccoons he knows or remembers are dead or don’t remember him. Seeing the sad look on Leena’s face again (he mentions they have talked about this before) he would like it noted that through his friendship with Leena he has a big sister, protector, friend, caretaker and seen a wider world that so many take for granted he finds moving forward hard sometimes but would never want to go back to before this time. When done he bows and takes the red scarf he has been using with hand gestures to help convey emotion during the interview. Tying it back on his head he looks at me and growls, “YARRRRR!” Then he runs out of the room to enjoy the ship in the sky rather than a stuffy old cabin.

After the transfer of ambassadorship Narakosh relaxes considerably, and after dinner we retire to trade stories.

Rem discovers boarders!! They shoot an exploding bolt at him. The group- Rem, Anrir, Leena, and Tadje, engage the enemy. One of the enemy, a giant of a man, holds a Dark Sword which kills Rem. Trying to protect the group, a wall is erected, which crashes the sky ship down one deck level, impaling itself upon another ship. What seemed like a pleasant journey has been shattered.

The others will go with Bumi to protect him. I shall fulfill a dream and escort Narakosh, and his daughter, back to Fikir-Tayfa!

Baalgor picture by Silentfield


Just the facts :-)

Commencement Of Fikir

Clear and concise. Emerson will be missed.

Commencement Of Fikir

Just the facts Ma’am, just the facts….

Commencement Of Fikir

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