Campaign of the Month: February 2014


A Sword to Grind

GM Note: This log is an NPC log.

Looking up on the balcony at the human noble, even from this distance and the salt in the air from waves upon the rocks the smell of blood was about this human. This noble was descended from the Barrens, though he likely did not know it. But ‘THEY’ did, this human’s family still behind the ‘Dustwall’ and well aware of all their lineages with those outside. Failing to kill was not common for the bearer of the now infamous black blade. Even though souls were nourishing the pit of the one powering this form what was needed was blood. Preferrably the unclean, those keeping others in bondage against their will tasted sweeter than all others. Fikir Tayfa might be closed to the black blade, and to famous to use without drawing ‘HIS’ attention, so the shadow would the form this needed ‘hunger’ would become. In the shadow’s wake would follow the twin specters of horror and death, however, the ‘hunger’ would be fed. Blood would warm the body and vengeance sated upon the heart of the enemy.

Cloaking the body in cloth the color of storm clouds and salt stained did Blacksword steal into the port city along the mouth of the inner sea. Remembering what the Dwarf said during the eons spent raising Blacksword and later re ‘training’ the soul within to be the instrument it is today.

“… If they had cared for you truly why wait …”

Why indeed? It was not long before an alley was found and a dark short sword was drawn from the enchanted plaque upon the belt worn around Blacksword’s waist. Then with two words whilst holding the small sword “Acba Obfuscatis” did the Living Rune Weapon vanish from sight!

Swords from Runescape Wikia.
Landscape of city from Alphacoders.


Enjoy a glimpse from the opposition there are clues to be had here for certain.

A Sword to Grind

“….well aware of all their lineages with those outside.” Sounds like a research job for Emerson….

A Sword to Grind

I thought you might.

A Sword to Grind

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