Campaign of the Month: February 2014


It seems as though after a twenty year hiatus, Rascal and I are adventurers again. My dear little raccoon is thrilled, and has decided that he is a pirate for the time being. While I have enjoyed my stint in government, I suppose it is time for something more thrilling again.

The assignment initially seemed easy enough. It was the 31st of Fravasin when I was invited along to accompany the retiring ambassador of Fikir Tayfa on the Windracer. Rascal had not gone on my last few assignments, so I invited him to come along this time. When I gave him this news, he was hiding in the bushes outside of my office and harassing some of the employees that worked here. It really is unfortunate that he has gotten too clever for his enchanted toys anymore. I really need to come up with something else to entertain him.

Anyway, when we arrive on the ship the following morning, I met the others that are traveling with us. One of the gentlemen, Emerson, was rather staunch at first – And he instantly became Rascal’s best friend. At Savina’s urging, I ended up divulging to him the fall of Galfast. We usually don’t talk about that awful time, but Savina was eager to talk (as was Rascal). So I allowed Emerson to document each of our accounts. Rascal speaks of how different he feels, now that he has lived so long as my familiar. This pangs my heart, but he reassures me that he would never want to trade the bond that we have. I really do love that little guy,

Our journey was fairly uneventful, arriving on the 4th of Vahishta. That night though, we were attacked by an unknown assailant and his companions. He was incredibly strong, and in trying to take him down, a giant wall was arcanely erected and dropped on them all! Unfortunately, the skyship couldn’t handle the weight of the wall and it crumpled in on itself, crashing into the skyship docked on the level below.

I had blinked the new ambassador and an assistant to my realm, and had planned to grab the others in our party. However, the ambassador was insistent on returning to the boat. I had no choice but to return them. We nearly perished but he was somehow miraculously blinked away. I have an eery feeling that we haven’t seen the last of him.

Now that we’re all relatively safe, I need to retrieve Rascal from the realm. His collar has been enchanted so that anytime he feels fear, he is automatically blinked to safety in the realm. He is not thrilled about this feature, and is pouting at this moment. In his mind, he can’t be a great adventurer if he is blinked away from the action whenever he is startled. I however, am trying to keep him safe. We don’t see eye-to-eye on this issue at all, and he is always willing to express his discontent. I hope Ina remembered to put away my good hiking boots so that he doesn’t leave me a present in them.

Until Next Time,

Penned on highmoon of the 4th of Vahishta, 10,002 A.T.

Rose Airship Picture from Creative Uncut
Dark Angel picture from INC Gamers.


“I’m a PIRATE!” That Rascal is one rambunctious little critter. Great log!

A New Adventure Begins

I would love to see Rascal in a fight, personally- that little guy is fearless!

A New Adventure Begins
AZ_RUNE justdrea81

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