Savina the Repentant


Savina the Repentant

Greater Rune Staff

This blueish grey metal staff was made to house a mage that had done great evil and swore to be repentant so its form is designed to reinforce iconology of good and holy objects. There are two star sapphires in the staff located at the top and bottom and runes hidden in the etchings all over the surface.

Alignment: Scrupulous
Appearance: See Description above
Damage: 4D6.
P.P.E. Pool: 160. Replenishes 8 points per hour, or more at a ley line.
Bonuses: +1 to all saving throws & +3 to save vs Magic, spell magic.

Living Rune Weapon Abilities: Notes
Good Only! Anyone of selfish or evil touching Savina after they have been given the warning about being released will be attacked through contact damage for 4D6 per melee round until released. Supernatural or magic creatures take 8D6 damage per melee round of contact!
Spell Magic These spells can be cast in any order and combination as often as the wielder sees fit. The only limitation to these spells is the staff’s P.P.E. reserves.
Ley Line Knowledge The wielder of the Rune Weapon is able to use Ley Line Drifting, Ley Line Rejuvenation, See and Use Ley Lines, and draw on P.P.E. from ley lines and ley line nexuses. All abilities are the same as the Wizard O.C.C. (see Palladium Fantasy®, Second Edition, page 107).
Aura of Dispel The weapon is capable of creating an aura that can render one spell useless against the Invoked. While in effect, the Invoked can walk over a Carpet of Adhesion, cut through a Magic Net, or safely parry an incoming Fireball spell. It can even cast spells in an Anti-Magic Cloud. Due to the nature of this power, its activation cannot be prevented by magical means. This power works only for the Invoked (or wielder) and not any allies. So while the Invoked can walk over a Carpet of Adhesion, the spell remains in effect and can trap allies and others.
Duration: 1 minute per level of the Wielder.
Limit: Two times per 24 hours.
Special Powers: MAGIC Spell Strength: 12
Spell Casting Lev Spell PPE Range Duration Save Notes
Globe of Daylight 1 2 Up to 30’ (9.1m) 24min. None Illuminates 96ft. Can be mentally moved along at a Spd. of 12.
Armor of Ithan 3 10 Self or Other by touch 8min. None S.D.C. is 80. Furthermore magic, fire, lightning and cold do half damage.
Breathe Without Air 3 5 Self or Other by touch 24min. None Breathe w/o air, magic toxins still work.
Light Healing 3 6 Touch Instant None Clear out minor infection, minor food poisoning/upset stomach, a slight headache, tiny cuts, bumps and bruises; restores 1D6 S.D.C. or 1D4 hit points (not both).
Negate Poison/Toxins 3 5 Self or Other by touch Instant None Stops additional damage, doesn’t reverse damage.
Orb of Cold 3 6 200ft (61 m) 1 melee; +1D4 min. for numbness Dodge; Standard – Numbness Damage: 3D6 S.D.C. plus numbness penalties. A numbed opponent loses one melee attack, is -2 on initiative, -1 to strike, parry, and dodge, and speed is reduced by 10%.

Staff by Runescape Wiki color edit done by AZ_RUNE.

Savina the Repentant