Leena Astral Realm


Leena’s Astral Realm

This picture is the closest representation of the Astral Mage, Leena’s manor in her Astral Realm. What has not been described by the pictures is that on the far end of the island-like realm. There are 5 huge (big enough to pass a full mid-western U.S. Barn through) gate made out of what appears to be wrought iron. These lead to places on Regnum that the Three Brothers Trading Company use to perform international shipping.

Currently it is also known among multiple countries and their populace as the Haven of Galfast or more often just Haven. For in 9982 A.T. it was used to save 10,000+ residents of Galfast during it’s fall from the sky, and 1,900 additional residents of the towns below it. Stories abound but the one fact is that the Gray Lady – Leena kept shuffling people off the doomed Skyfast and thru her realm and out one of these gates in a monumental feat of magic being used for social and emergency good.

There is an Psychic Avatar of Leena within the realm that has become rather astute and maintains the realm, a garden, fish pond, and bath house. The style of the manor is so ecclectic that it has items in it making an amalgam of the realms the Three Brothers Trading Company does business with. If Rascal the raccoon is wandering the realm on his own then Leena may be off on another adventure once more…

Pictures of the only house and shed on the island, Vestmannaeyjar, in Iceland. Imgur_._com.


When Leena learned how to create an Astral Realm she shared this with her siblings, all three were partners in the Three Brothers Trading Company started by Matthias – the eldest sibling. All three siblings and her familiar Rascal the Raccoon have invested energy into the realm and share in its powers and use of it. It is maintained by the Psychic Avatar calling itself Ina and reflects Leena’s Elven female persona.

Leena Astral Realm