Interroga Solis

weapon (melee)

Interroga Solis

Magical Bronze Battle Axe

This is a battle axe of tempered bronze and copper studs. It was said to have been made and gifted to a Berkay Noble after that Nation signed the Accord. Despite not being steel it is tougher than the strongest iron or fire. It was worked over by a Dwarven Rune Maker. A weapon of sun and flame so the legends are told about it.There is a large blue crystal embedded in the butt of the weapon’s haft.

Damage: 3D6; Dwarven Made
Appearance: See Description above

Magical Abilities: Notes
Indestructible Requires a Rune Maker must disenchant it and 12 hours to remove the enchantment which will destroy it., an Alchemist has a shot at 12 days of achieving the same result.
Blinding Flash
“as per the spell”
The battle axe’s blade may burst forth with intense, white light, temporarily blinding everyone (Wielder of the weapon is unaffected) in its ten foot (3m) radius. Victims are blinded for 1D4 melee rounds, with a penalty of -5 to strike, and -10 to parry and dodge. The chance of falling is 1-50% per every 10 feet (3m) travelled. The saving throw is standard, so those who successfully save vs magic are not blinded.
Note: Usable only 6 times per 24 hour period.
Flaming Weapon Damage: + 3D6; The weapon bursts into magical fire upon command by the wielder. This weapon will do half damage to creatures normally immune to fire damage.
Note: Usable only 6 times per 24 hour period.
Haft Pocket Currently Holds three prepared Scrolls. A blue crystal from Fikir Tayfa now acts as a cap.
Dwarf Forged Abilities: Notes
Fine Balance +3 to strike and +3 to parry.

Picture from Kyle.


This was a father’s gift to Bumi with a duty to protect it.

Interroga Solis