Ice Lance


Ice Lance

Magical Sword of Ice

A 39" (1m) long blade of frozen ice affixed to a hilt of frosted looking bronze metal. The handle is wrapped in leather and fur.
Appearance: See Description and picture above
Damage: 4D6.

Magical Abilities: Notes
Damage Bonus Double Damage to creatures of fire and heat, including Fire Elementals, Fire Warlocks, Fire Dragons and so on, triple damage to the Seraph Angels, Demons & Dyvals of Fire, Fire Elemental Intelligences, and gods of Fire.
Ice Shards Fires magical shards of ice up to 60 ft (18.3 m) and inflicts 4D6 damage.
Each shard is one melee attack,
Can be used 4x per 24 hours.
Impervious to Cold WHEN HELD ONLY The wielder of Ice Lance is impervious to normal cold (even sub zero temperatures) and attacks from magic cold do only half damage.

Picture of sword by Paizo Blog!


Only a few of these swords are wandering around in the lands of the southern continent. They are said to be made in the north by the Snow Shamans of the Ursen and their spirits. The closet example of this sword alchemists have been able to replicate is the Flaming Sword, but firing fire bolts requires additional enchantments.

Ice Lance

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