Homing Torc


Homing Torc

Magical Necklace

Golden necklace inscribed with mystical looking symbols. A large, faceted, smokey quartz is set in the center of the item.

Appearance: See Description above

Magical Abilities: Notes
Astral Domain Transference AR: 18 / SDC: 200
This pendant only functions for a user tied to the Astral Domain it is sync’ed with. The “AR” & “SDC” is for the torc/necklace itself. The user may bring 1 addition person to the Domain for every other level above first (Level: 2 = 1-person, Level: 4 = 2-people, Level: 6 = 3-people, etc.). The drawback is that if they leave the domain so do those they brought with them. If transit is being provided by the necklace and it is removed in the Astral Domain then the “guests” are expelled instantly.)
Guests are designated by those touching the wearer of the necklace of there own free will and the wearer’s free will in selecting those touching they wish to bring.

Picture by Peachyco.


There are about a dozen to two dozen of these torcs depending on whom you ask and all of them are permanent only items. Leena the Gray Lady, is known to possess one of these powerful and versatile magic items.

Homing Torc