Bumi's Arabian Horse


At the moment Faile’s body is being recovered from the wreckage of the Windracer skyship.


Bumi was given Faile as a child.

In Fikir Tayfa it is seen as a sign of strength and as an omen of a prosperous ruler if they know how to care for animals, especially horses. Horses are important to the economy and to the prosperity of the realm. They serve as entertainment, a source of income, a tool of labor, and companionship, and every citizen is touched by their influence. If a ruler can connect with a beast such as these, and help them flourish, they can understand and help the kingdom flourish. The upper caste presents their children with a pony upon the inauguration of their eighth year. The child becomes the horse’s sole source of sustenance and support.

Faile is the second horse that Bumi has owned. The first, Butterscotch, was given to him at the age of 8, and is now prominent race horse in the capitol’s circuit. Its success is an omen for Bumi’s future political career as an Ambassador. After it reached adulthood Bumi studded him off, and as payment for his pedigree, was given Faile.

Faile and Bumi became close friends, and even though Bumi still cared for Butterscotch when he left Fikir Tayfa he chose Faile as his horse and companion. The name comes from an old manuscript entitled Oroboros, and it means ‘Falcon.’


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