Chaaya's Quest


Chaaya’s Quest

Magical Skyship – Celestial Class

A Skyship made by Alchemists and Warlocks of the Sultanate of Berkay. It has been given over the Bumi in his new role as Ambassador of Fikir Tayfa. The figurehead on the bow is a likeness of his mother.

Skyship Abilities: Notes
Appearance: See Description and picture above.
Skyship Class: Celestial

Length over all: 440 ft.
Beam: 100 ft.
SDC by Location: Front Mast: – 100
Main Mast (mid-ship) 200
Rear Mast – 100
Rudder Masts(3): – 80
Lg. Sails (3): 50 each
Sm. Sails (10): 40 each
Rudder Sails (4): 80 each (sp.)
Front Section – 2000
Mid-Ship – 1500
Rear Section – 1750
Rudder – 200
Cargo: 30 tons light; and 60 tons heavy (-25% to speed).
Weapons: Balista – Port: 1D4 X 10 Damage (Large Arrows), Rage: 700ft.
Balista – Starboard: 1D4 X 10 Damage (Large Arrows), Rage: 700ft.
Catapult – Aft: 2D4 X 10 + 10 Damage (Boulders), Rage: 900ft.
Speed: 20 MPH without wind modifications. Rudder sails transform if forced to land in water to support and even out balance for the wider beam of the skyship.

Enchantments: Notes
Ram-Prow Shoots Fireballs: 6 x Day: 1D6 X 10 Damage, Range: 500 ft.
Super Sharp: Lowers the required roll for a critical strike by two points. For example: If a character requires a Natural 20 for a critical strike, that number is reduced to "18 " when this weapon is used.
Armor of Ithan Front Section: 3 x Day: 150 SDC
Mid Section: 3 x Day: 150 SDC
Rear Section: 3 x Day: 150 SDC
This will cover the whole of the ship and those on-board! They all can operate independently and last for 15 minutes each use.

Picture of skyship by Ben Wooten! Edited by the GM.
Picture of figurehead found at Dark Roast Blend. Edited by the GM.


Chaaya's Quest