Campaign of the Month: February 2014


Tick. Tick. Tick. Oh gosh, the ticking is so loud. But I figured that I should write in here while we are on our way to Fikir Tayfa.

When we return to Chaaya’s Quest from our most recent adventure, I immediately notice an incessant ticking. It is so loud, that it reminds me of nails on a chalkboard and I have to stop myself from writhing in pain. When I look around the ship, I notice that everyone who is a psychic appears to be impacted as well. It affects all of us, but seems to be affecting Chen the worst.

In the middle of all of this, we receive a pigeon. Bumi says that it is in her brother’s voice, stating “please come to the central city. There has been a development. You should have heard it by now”. Ah, so maybe this will give us some insight to this ticking. The route to Fikir Tayfa will take the remainder of the day, it looks like.

Ayden does a psychic diagnosis on Chen, but it was rather inconclusive. At this point, my own head is pounding, so I wonder how much worse it is for Chen. Two hours pass and he still isn’t any better. So I decide to take him to my realm. Perhaps leaving the world will alleviate him.

When we arrive, Chen feels instantly better, but he’s as white as a sheet. He asks where we are and I explain about my own little piece of heaven. He seems impressed but more tired than anything. Ina appears and Chen turns ashen, “Oh no, the ticking is affecting my vision. I’m seeing double!” We both stifle a giggle, and of course, it is in the same manner. This does not help to convince Chen that his vision isn’t affected.

Ina and I decide to take him back to the house, and I pop back on to the ship. Mirmir appears with some tea for poor Chen, but seems confused when he’s not there. I explain about my realm, and take the tea with me. When I return to, I see that Ina has helped Chen into an easy chair in front of the fire. We give him the tea and he immediately nods off. The impact of the tea was so strong that Chen does not even bother to put his teacup down. Instead, it merely falls out of his hands. I have to dive to catch it so that I can return it to Mirmir. It would have been a shame if the beautiful cup had shattered.

RascalAt this point, I ask Ina where Rascal is. I haven’t seen him since our last encounter, and I had brought him a gift – some dried fish that are new to him. She looks at me with wide eyes. “Oh, I thought you knew!” “Knew what?” “He has been taking carriages all over the world. You just missed him. He has just hopped on a Wagon to Ithmahal.” “What? Who gave him permission for this?” “Well he said that you did!” Apparently, the little furball has learned how to forge my signature with his enchanted quill, and has been writing himself “notes” for all kinds of things – Including “free reign on any and all carriages traveling across the land”.

He has been taking carriages everywhere, doing who only knows what. I asked if he had been charging things to the Three Brothers’ expense account and Ina said that she had no idea. I told her that surely my must know that I would never authorize for Rascal to gallivant all over the place. Ina says that if they know they’re turning a blind eye.

I help Ina get some of the residue out of the teacup, and ask her to replicate the herbs if possible. Perhaps we can make the “Sleepy Box” more potent after all. I tell her that if she can modify the effects of the sleepy box, she can have 70% of all profits to spend on anything she likes – and I give her a (legitimate) note stating that.

After I return to the ship, Mirmir is able to catch Chen just as he is about to hit the floor. I’m glad that he’s asleep, and does not have to encounter this horrible ticking. While I’m agitated, I think I will write a note to my brothers about Rascal’s so-called “permission” that I have granted. Oh geez, a pigeon has just arrived for me. It’s an invoice for “purchased goods, promised to be paid by Lady Leena!” I’m going to kill that little bugger.



Go Rascal!!! He is just traveling until he can save the day…. again.

Tick, Tick, Tick

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