Campaign of the Month: February 2014


The Tree of the Emerald Isle

Dear Guardian Salazar,

What can one say when they are sitting on the deck in night sky and you look over starboard, or was it port side and see Tristine and the Great Tree of Life in its center!

I’m a creature of magic and metal and I am in awe!!!

It rivals the Golden Tower on Baalgor in beauty and power! My faint memories of the Galvan Republic don’t even touch how my soul feels seeing this symbol of everything I now stand for after being saved. Thank you for sending me here to begin my mission and meet my distant cousin!

There are millions of people!!! I can see the 7 ley lines that converge at the Great Tree of Life! The city appears to be divided by them and because it’s night they glow a bluish white! Some make it out to the water and ships seem to have crewman with looking glasses that see the ley lines! They guide them into harbor till dockers for water and ships use weighted ropes to help tie off and guide them in.

I am told I have a week till my cousin reaches here. The city awaits me and I am trying to take it all in! The lights, sounds, the people so happy, friendly, wow!!!

I saw a Shirn swordsman (he had spots I forget which one that is) with his huge, circular orb-blades get in a duel with an Elf and his sword as big as the Shirn!


These sounds hang in the air like gongs of the Pyramids of the Arch in Yin-Drakkos! A leg sweep, a hook with a crossguard, flip, spin, another kick, oh these two are masters of there arts!!! They are both two of the fabled lone demon hunters, the Martial Sai! Only such skill can even allow them a chance against the foul beasts of darkness, I should know. They go on for 3 minutes and break neither having landed a single blow on the OTHER! They salute each other and I buy them both a shot of Elf spiced wine! Once they finish they bow to me and walk away in opposite directions.

In the distance I can see an Ursen and Elves leading a prayer march to the great tree. Druids!!!!!

I promise to write more but the night is dark yet full of wonder!

Your student,

Picture is from concept art for Darnassus in Wow.


Wonderful description of the fight!

The Tree of the Emerald Isle

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