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Chaaya's Quest, Ship's Log, V. Akshay Captain

The enemy is met and he is found wanting

GM Note: This log is an NPC log, it was however written by our own LURCH6571!

Ship’s Log:Chaaya’s Quest, Commanded by Captain, Emir, Vrajai Akshay, under direction of Ambassador Bumi of Fikir Tayfa

The 15th of Hordad 2100, 2 Bells: Arrived at Galilee

The city is in a panic, the crew is tired and we have just begun. The Ambassador and The Inner Circle are discussing… arguing… as to how to meet battle with Black Sword.
(Personal note: they are all intelligent, with great strategies and tactics, just need to get off their duffs and do something.)

2200, 4 Bells: The Ambassador and Inner circle have made some decisions and plans are in the works. Fortifications will be built by the Ambassador and one of the Veba Guardsmen, Graegga, to funnel the approaching Army into a classic choke point to create a killing zone. More reinforcements are recruited and pledged.

2300, 6 Bells: Young Mr. Hammerdon has called in a favor of Primarch Drakkos, (how he came of this favor is still a mystery, absolutely no scuttlebutt amongst the crew on this one) and The Primarch has followed through. He has made possible the portalling of Ambassador Del Tork’s forces and The Daedalan Psychic Strike Battalion to the mouth of the rivers at Galilee’s door. This frees up Chaaya’s Quest from shuttling troops and allows them rest (not so for the crew though, no rest for the wicked).

2330, 7 Bells: We have set sail sans the Ambassador, the two guard detachments, and the Gosai Wizard in search of scouting parties and the main body. The aim is to disrupt them long enough for the rest of the forces to make ready emplacements and battlements. Pigeons arrive and 100 mages, 8 of whom are classified as arch-weavers according to Arcanus Tower rankings are being portaled through a ‘Dimensional Rift’ from Badenfeld in the northern Galvan Republic as a way to repay Lady Leena for her efforts 20 years ago.

The 16th of Hordad 0030, 1 Bell: A scout force has been spotted and we are readying the ship for battle, near a score of archers, 5 score of mages, and our own weapons should bring down a rein of fire nicely. I have a plan, saw it in a dream; a massive skyship dropping in low and banking hard on a strafing run, all “guns” firing over the side. For some reason I called it a Spectre maneuver in my dream.

0045,1 ½ Bells: The enemy is met and his casualties are grand. All souls are sent to their maker or an even worse fate, limbo. I’d rather been in Dacy Johannis’ locker. We suffered a mere 5 on our side, but they were of the highly coveted mages. Mr. Hammerdon piloted the ship most expertly… with one exception. When we came out of the bank he over corrected and the ship lurched hard. But luck was on his side, a single border (he blinked onto my ship) of great skill and power (the one responsible for our casualties) was swept of the ship, along with several other warriors and crew. Fast thinking on the part of other mages allowed their rescue, but alas the mystery border escaped to fight another day, blinking out just before hitting the ground. We move on and try to find any other scouts.

0200, 4 Bells: Back at Galilee

The enemy is not to be found, and we need rest. Everyone on board has acting admirably, especially Mr. Hammerdon. He has potential to be very great as a leader. He seemed to command well, almost over stepping his bounds whence it came to control of my ship. He is young and is learning. I hand over watch to Mr. Parlo, order the crew to minimal watch and head to get a little rest. As I pass Mr. Hammerdon’s cabin he is not sleeping but meditating, maybe that’s how he maintains such great focus near all the time, I might give that a try one of these days.

Written by the hand of Captain V. Akshay Captain of Chaaya’s Quest and Emir of Fikir Tayfa under commision of the World Council, and Ambassador Bumi, in the year 10K and 2 A.T.

GM Note: This log is an NPC log, it was however written by our own LURCH6571!


Nice and succinct regarding the event of the opening rounds of the “Battle for Galilee!” A well written ship’s log from the Fikir Tayfan Magiship, Gunship, err big bada boom ship!!!!


Thank you. I tryed to mimic “His” earlier log “Ides of Vahishta” yet try to start to add some personallity.


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