Campaign of the Month: February 2014


23rd of Vahishta

Not enough time to describe the most amazing shopping trip with Bhuvanna, some other time in another entry. This fiasco all started when I couldn’t communicate with Rascal. I also found out that my personnel manager at Marcellus’ Restaurant Resources and Rare Foods, had left his post without notice. I found out at breakfast that Ayden had been selected by the Academy of Inner Spirit as an envoy to the ambassador. I disappeared to get him a robe of changeable clothing (one of my magic ones) and returned in Marcellus’ form. My poor shocked employee promptly explained and several pigeons later this issue was squared away. When he heard about the problem with Rascal he offered to Mind Bond with me so he could then ‘Remote View’ him from afar to determine how safe or what he was about to get into.

Our viewing triggered what appeared to be wards designed to harm the viewer. Once we had come out of the few seconds we could make out him taking a golden hammer. We began bleeding through our skin and out our veins! I am grateful our good Doctor was there to heal us both. He was also able to translate for those un-used to the Mind Bond why we were finishing each other’s thoughts. This ended when Rascal deliberately sent himself to The Realm and I commanded him to await my arrival.

24th of Vahishta

After the calamity at the Thane’s party here in Ith-Angdral and the entombing of the dark rune weapon in the Obelisk I came to find my errant familiar, best friend, and biggest headache.

It’s the 24th of Vahishta. I am enjoying the pond at my realm before going back to the real world. I wanted to write down my conversation with Rascal before it’s forgotten. I’m afraid that we may have underestimated him.

When we landed in the city, Rascal at first decided to follow the attendants around. But according to him they weren’t any fun. They were simply buying items off the list, which (in Rascal’s mind) was “BORING!!!!” (he yelled this part really loud). So he wandered off and soon found some dwarven children. They were thrilled to discover that he was “The Rascal” and insisted that he go on an adventure with them.

Rascal insisted that he eat first, and they took him to a local fish house. And while Rascal couldn’t read the menu, he memorized it. Ina told me he had been singing the entire menu back to her for some time.

“There is fish creole, fish gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There’s pineapple fish, lemon fish, coconut fish, pepper fish, fish soup, fish stew, fish salad, fish and potatoes, fish burger, fish sandwich, fish fingers, grilled fish – " I cut him off at this point. Wow, do I feel bad that Ayden had to listen to the constant repetition of this menu for eight hours.

While at the fish house, Rascal got in a fight with the dwarves, which he insists that he won. I asked him how he won, and in his words, he didn’t bonk his head like the silly green man. I guess the “point” of this fight was for the dwarves to catch him – Except Rascal had triggered his special armor so no one could. He ran around the bar, darting back and forth until everyone had either left or knocked themselves out cold.

It was at this point, he noticed a glowing ring on one of the dwarves’ fingers. So naturally, he swiped it. He also took a map from the guy’s pocket. Of course he couldn’t read the map, but he thought it would be fun to pretend that he could.

He scampered around town for a bit, always watching if the ring was glowing. When it didn’t glow, he would stop and go another direction. The ring led him to an underground passage. He couldn’t tell me a whole lot about it, except for that he was in a room with lots of statues of tall dwarves.

He noticed when he passed one of the statues, the ring glowed incredibly bright. There was also a spot on the heel of the show for the dwarf that seemed to fit the ring perfectly. There were also runes on the ring that matched runes on the shoe (or according to Rascal, this was written in short people language). Rascal has seen me use magic items plenty of times, so he chose to shove the ring into the shoe. He shoved the ring into the shoe and the statue split, revealing a doorway.

He darted passed some guards into a dark hallway that was lit by candlelight. He said he passed at least two “important people”. He knew that they were important, because they had other people surrounding them, just like when Magnus goes out and about.

One of the important people matched Drodd in description, but he wore red robes. Rascal knew it wasn’t Drodd though because he wasn’t old enough. He said it looked like the ‘wooden man’ that we had destroyed.

The second person was female, and she had black and silver robes on! He saw her transform her walking stick into a hammer and throw it at the wall in anger. But when she walked away, the hammer became a stick again. He decided that he didn’t want the angry lady to hit him, so he slipped away before she could see him.

My only guess as to why he could get passed all of these defenses is because he had the ring on, and also the enchantments probably aren’t looking for a Raccoon. There was still the risk that a guard could have noticed him, but Rascal seems completely oblivious to this point.

He followed the second drawing on the map as best as he could to a large circular room. I believe that he was in an area where rune weapons are actually forged! He said it smelled really bad in there, like when Ina kills a goat but before she cleans it up.

There were weapons laying on an anvil, and no one around. He remembered seeing similar weapons in Valryk’s shop, so he thought maybe Valryk could use them. He snatched the smallest gold hammer and pliers but then he heard footsteps. It was at this point that he yelled “yikes” and was transported to the realm.

He emphasized to me that he wasn’t really scared, but he had to make the necklace think that he was scared so that he could get away. So I guess he’s starting to master fear and control it. This is a little unnerving for me.

I couldn’t explain to Rascal that without these two items, the rest of the rune making tools are useless the items have to be in a complete set to work. I want to have the items looked at so that we can determine if the actually belong to Drodd or not. If they don’t, then they’re fairly useless.

I felt bad about taking the weapons, so I traded them to Rascal for the lovely eye patch that I bought him. He has now decided that he’s “Rascal the One Eye” but the fact that he actually has two eyes is a secret.

Until Next Time,
Leena, 24th of Vahishta, 10,002 A.T.


I hope everyone enjoys how crazy having a 25 year old, talking familiar can be.

Reflections with Rascal

Yarrr! Fear the raccoon pirate of squirrely doom!

Reflections with Rascal

I fear the amount of trouble he can cause- of course, his name says that….

Reflections with Rascal

What are you talking about? In Regnum, ‘Rascal’ means ‘brave’, and ‘Rasque’ means ‘courage’ or ‘bravery’. Apparently, the Minister of Nomenclature did not truly know Rascal…history would have been written differently if they did. Looks like I need to tell the TRUE story…

Reflections with Rascal

Ayden used to love fish every once in awhile, it will be some time before he is ready for some more, Thanks Rascal.

Reflections with Rascal
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