Campaign of the Month: February 2014


There’s nothing like being told you’re an absentee mother. I now realize that Vira’s quest for “high adventure” is partially my fault. If I had been there more, perhaps she would not have felt the need to leave.

I could have been a different example for her. I could have been the mom that was at home every day when she returned from school. I could have been the mother that she could confide in and look to for guidance.

But I wasn’t. I knew that my agreements with the Three Brothers would make any family life challenging. But I never expected this type of repercussion from being a “working mom”. If I had been a “Working dad”, and chosen a male persona for my family, would the outcome been any different? I think it would have been.

The girl looks up to her mother and wants to be like her mother. I know that I’ve given her a great example to live up to, but it is such a hard life. I want more for my daughter. And the fact that she is out there, in such a dangerous situation terrifies me to the core.

If I know Vira, she has not written me because she is worried that I will convince her to turn back. And in my heart I want to. But at the same time, I want nothing more than to connect with her. I missed the chance when she was young. Now she has grown into a young lady that I barely know. Maybe if we had connected more as a child. She would still be safe at school, instead of trying to fight a blood mage.

Rascal says he has met two other familiars that are raccoons that can talk!!! I have to admit I am not as surprised given his fame more of them would not sprout up. Still out here in Berkay is a bit odd for all that fur?

Until Next Time,
Leena, 14th of Hordad, 10,002 A.T.

OOC Note: I know this is for last session but I set the date so it would follow Magnus’ log given that it is mostly a reply to his.


Well done with deep emotional impact all parents can relate to!

Old Friends & New Friends

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