Campaign of the Month: February 2014


Official Proclamation of Chief Deputy Ambassador of Fikir Tayfa

Root out and find the Evil


This being my first correspondence as Chief Deputy Ambassador I have a declaration to proclaim:
Gazhur Drodd is alive and has been exposed. He has been declared an Enemy of Regnum.

He was masquerading as the Ambassador of Korin Ithrick by using evil blood magic and wearing the living skin of the true Ambassador Rhoga-Du-Drzd. She was kept alive and caused to be in excruciating agony. For how long is unclear. The true Ambassador was found, AND on my orders was released from her suffering at Drodd’s hand. I regret that I had to prolong her suffering, more than absolutely necessary, in order to expose Drodd for what he truly was. I ask for forgiveness from her Kin and will attempt to atone for this.

Once he was exposed, battle was pitched. My fellow Deputy Ambassadors and I attempted to capture Drodd, in an attempt to bring him to justice. Several of the Ambassadors and there Guards, assisted us once they realized that true Evil was in there presence. Countess Ambassador Avalona was nearly killed in the effort to capture Drodd.

Seeing that he was outnumbered and outsmarted, Drodd did the cowardly deed of fleeing. Fortune was with us. We were informed by Ambassador GreyClaw that Mother Uwa was able to keep Drodd from escaping to anywhere in our realm. But this is temporary and he will return. We must prepare for his return, for if we don’t root out Evil, wherever it is, it will continue to grow.

By proclamation and the full power of my office: Let it be known that any being that gives quarter to such cowardly Evil, or its cohorts, will also be considered Enemies of Regnum; subject to the full extent of Justice.


Ayden AnderWolf Hammerdon
Chief Deputy Ambassador and loyal citizen of Fikir Tayfa


Thank you. I did co-op it, but made it my own.


I loved it and it was very succinct!


As a leader is is important to get to the point.


Way to take the bull by the horns to lay down the law!


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