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Mission Report ALPHA

The Short One

Pigeon mail: 24th of Vahishta, 0600, 10,002 A.T.
To: Headmaster Adalwolf “The Short one”
From: Ayden AnderWolf Hammderdon
Subject: Mission report #1


I have arrived well in Ith-Angdral, met up with the Ambassador, and have discovered a few things.

It seems my Boss at Marcellus’ Restaurant Resources and Rare Foods is amongst the group that I will be travelling with; He is a shape shifter (I knew this fact) but didn’t realize he, or should I say she, is Leena the Grey Lady. I feel I am in good hands with her here, especially after the excruciating mind bond and remote viewing we shared to help her find her familiar.
The little runt was somewhere he should have not been, taking a hammer that didn’t belong to him, and it was guarded by wards. I aim to become more familiar with this defense so as to be able to circumvent it at a future time. Also, have a sentient raccoon rattle around in your head is no picnic either, I don’t recommend it. I consider the act of helping to find her furry little friend, and the immense pain suffered, as restitution to my boss for leaving my post at her restaurant; I am hoping she feels the same.

Our group has managed to rid this realm of an evil living rune weapon. While at a party for a local dignitary, a dwarf calling himself Drodd crashed the party demanding the return of a hammer, the same hammer was taken by the familiar. He subdued a couple attendees, and then killed one for show. The group subdued him, I separated him from the staff he was using, and this ended up killing him. It was determined that the staff was an evil living rune weapon. We transported it to the Obelisk, met Justicar Vitrandul and he imprisoned the weapon in the Obelisk. It was an honor and a privilege to assist him and to see the inner workings of the Obelisk. This was a close call for one of the other envoys, Chen Kwatltal. I thought for sure that I felt his presence leave this realm, than just as fast I felt it return. I suspect a God was at work.

Of greater importance is a new discovery (to me) that there is another evil rune weapon at large that is feeding on Psychics. You may already know of it; Blacksword…Darksword. I am not certain of its true name. One of my fellow envoys, Tadje Al’Qudura I believe, has a chest of scrolls detailing the exploits of said weapon. He enlightened us the other morning on some of the details from the scrolls. I aim to find out more from him and maybe the scrolls themselves. Is this the ominous premonition that I am having? I still know not. The ticking sensation seemed to grow at the mention of this weapon. Maybe it is just my inexperience? Any insight or discernment in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Your diligent student,
Ayden A.H.


Great log!

Mission Report ALPHA

I must concur, it is well done and a personality emerges already.

Mission Report ALPHA

Love it. I am sorry that you had to be bombarded with the ramblings of my raccoon for 9 hours.

Mission Report ALPHA

Life of a psychic, although it gave Ayden insight on his boss and cohort

Mission Report ALPHA

Which reminds me we need to have you roll some stuff before next game.

Mission Report ALPHA

This was a really great log. Nicely done.

Mission Report ALPHA

Wait- left post at a restaurant!?!??! That, as a long time restaurant manager, is subject to severe penalty- Death by Customer Complaint!!!

Mission Report ALPHA

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