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GM Note: This log posted by me because our own Chemtechie had a surprised B-Day party sprung on them!!! YAY!!!
The 15th of Hordad just before she departs to work on the battlements upon the ground.

Vira’s Mom,

The last weeks have been exciting, and I have tried to seek you out a number of times to talk to you, and try to explain a few things. To be completely honest I can’t seem to muster the courage to face you. I am realizing now that I have been missing my two dear friends that always acted as a strong wall to support me through anything and everything. I can only imagine how much you miss Vira as well and although I didn’t realize it at the time our “plan” affected you in more ways that I had considered. I think you deserve to know some details of how and why I am in your presence today. My background before school has not been shared even with my dearest friends as I didn’t want them to think differently of me. These details are hard to tell, which again I am stinking into my shame by writing these to you instead of saying them to you.

My life before joining you has clearly been broken into three main parts: My life before the incident, then the period after the incident and before school, and finally everything since I met your daughter.
Starting with some of the easy stuff – My Mother is Varga Stonecrusher an important woman that sits on the small council, and I spent much time with her during her duties. My father is a scholarly man that spends much of his time tinkering with ancient artifacts and digging in the dirty on anthropological missions. Life was easy, and we were blessedly happy.

This all changed two weeks before my 18th birthday. My father was away at a dig site when we received word that the tunnel had collapsed and the entire party was lost. My mother and I were in mourning, but she still had to perform her duties to the small council. Hargan (a minor lord that had had a crush on my mother since they were in school together as children) started spending more time in my home. He always gave me an uncomfortable feeling to be around, and after the news of my father’s death it was even worse.

About six weeks later a messenger arrived bring news that the party lived, my father although injured would be arriving any day. This news was my birthday wish granted, everyone was ecstatic, except Hargan Blackclaw. I saw his face when the news was broken and it immediately flashed with anger as he quickly left the room. Later that day I he arrived at my home, his face smiling, but his eyes deep pools of anger. I barred him entry but he was much stronger than I and muscled his way past the door. This kept going, him trying to get further into my home to reach my mother’s chambers, but I kept blocking his way. He then turned to leave but then quickly charged at me and we crashed into my father’s workshop. I landed a little dazed on the ground by the anvil and Hargan slowly walked to me with his axe drawn. He detailed that he needed to marry my mother to gain the control over the small council and that I wouldn’t deter him on this. Just before he swung his axe down on me I grasped hold of one of the hammers that was leaning against the smithy and struck Hargan in the leg. He howled in rage and as he fell knocked a pair of red hot tongs out of the brazier which landed on my cheek – the cause of the scars that I carry to this day. I lost my vision with the searing of the tongs on my face but continued to swing the hammer in Hargan’s direction, hitting him over and over again. The room went quiet, and upon opening my eyes I found Hargan slumped on the floor, his face and body covered in blood. I knew I couldn’t stay, I grabbed the small travel bag I took with me when my father and I went on expeditions and fled my home forever.

This was the start of some of the hardest days of my life. I never got to see my parents before fleeing, and left no word. I traveled for days, my face on fire, travelling at night not to be found. I don’t know how long the journey took before I arrived in Ith-Mahal, but I was no longer recognizable as the person I was before. I do not know if my parents would recognize me with my disfigurement. I miss them with every breath I take.

I arrived in Ith-Mahal with a group of other travelers and without money or means I had no place to stay. People had never looked at me that way before, scared that I was contagious, holding their purses tighter and even crossing over the street to get further away. Granted my face was severely infected, I smelled like a rotting corpse, and I was covered in weeks of filth. Your husband found me the next morning after I had curled up in the store front to get out of the elements for the evening. When our eyes met in the morning I thought for sure he was going to call the constables to remove me, but instead he took pity on me. The next weeks he took care of me and I helped him in the store while listening and learning from him. I don’t know when he decided but he one day had my bag packed for me and told me it was time to go. I was heartbroken to say the least, as he had yet to tell me where I was going. He handed me the little copper horn as a payment for my helping him in the shop and walked me to the caravan that was to drop me off at this mysterious place he only referred to as “school”. He gave me a sealed letter and a message to give to Vira if I was to find her. He patted me on the head and told me I would always have a place to stay if I needed one.

For the second time in my life I was leaving the place that felt like home to journey into the unknown. This time the journey was much more pleasant to say the least.

Life at school was amazing. I presented the letter to the Masters and was greeted with smiles and compassion. I don’t know what the letter contained, but I was to start my studies immediately…considering they told me I was already month behind and would need to spend every moment catching up.

I was originally paired with a young girl that was clearly not happy with having some “grotesque dwarf girl” as a bunk mate. It was then they decided that I was to bunk with your daughter. I didn’t realize who she was at first as I only saw her in passing for the first few days. It was during a strategic movement class that I finally discovered who she was, and gave her the message from your husband. She gave me a strange look, and decided if we were to share a room then she couldn’t be living with a “loser” and we started training together. This is when I met Ithan Torvalisson. He was in the same year as Vira, but used axes instead of hand to hand. I am a little nervous around axes, and stuck with the hammers. Ithan and Vira were very competitive with each other as she was the top of hand to hand, and him the tops with all weapons. I was like the third wheel most of the time, but learned by watching them spar together. Vira teased me saying that Ithan was my “boyfriend” I disagree as he treated me more like a little sister, always taking the blame for things that happened. Once when it was time to do our weapons exams three different hammer masters mysteriously arrived just when I need specialty training. I didn’t make the connection to Ithan until the third master arrived and all Ithan said was “say thank you Graeggy”. He always protected me and Vira from everything.

The three of us hatched the plan together, for us to prove ourselves …well mostly to get our final test completed and to make you proud of Vira. She always talked about how much she wanted to make you proud of her. I didn’t realize you and Vora were the same person for a long time. She never refers to you as Lady Leena. I understand now that she wants you to know that she loves you and wants to show you that she is worthy of being your daughter.

When the two of them took off after graduation Vira left me a note telling me to travel to the city and that they would be there after they finished “something” I was hurt, but made my way to ultimately finding you.

Wherever the days ahead take us, please know I am sorry for what has been done, for the moments you have missed because of me, and know that your daughter loves you more than words could ever express.

My sincerest apologies,

The cowardly Graegga


Chemtechie you did a great job writing this. All I did was add a picture or two and links well done!

Letter to Vira's Mom

Fantastic. Very gripping emotions. Well thought out. A very compelling background. Great job, and perfect way to TELL your background.

Letter to Vira's Mom

Love it! You did a great job.

Letter to Vira's Mom

Love the background- well done!

Letter to Vira's Mom

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