Campaign of the Month: February 2014


Journal Entry 2

I know that I left my last entry off at a strange spot. It has been difficult to find time to compose lately, especially with the most recent developments.

Zhatist and I had sent Zarena off with one of my most trusted servants Cara, and then we were served a meal, made by my astral servant Ina and brought to us by Cara’s son Brom, it was a lovely meal with items that had just been picked from the garden. The corn is very fresh right now, and the chowder that she made was one of her best yet. We talked long into the night and then returned to my realm for a bit to rest for the evening.

We returned to my manor the next morning so that we could decide together what our next move would be. During this time, Elijah passed through with his most recent shipment. He was using our shared caravan, so I’m sure the transaction will be quite profitable for us.

After Elijah passed through, I was handed an odd note by Brom. Well, I got the note after distracting Rascal. Apparently, he thought the note was his, because it had a red seal, and red is his favorite color. Actually, all of the colors are his favorite, but red is his current preference. Young Brom distracted him with a shiny apple and I was finally able to read the note in peace.

It was rather cryptic. Inside it stated that they had the girl, and Cara’s finger was inside. This made me heart so sad, as Cara has always served me and my brothers well. The note said that we had three days to go to Tristine, and retrieve something for them from the Archives. Zahtist is expected to go with me.

Sadly, I knew I was in over my head, and needed help. I was able to contact Elijah before he left with his shipment and I was able to explain the situation to him. Needless to say, he was not happy as the potential detriment to our business and livelihood is now great. He also said to not transport any other people for less than 10,000 gold each. I still have so much to learn about this business. Elijah wanted proof and made Zhatist change for him into his snake form and while similar to the Yin Lords, there are enough differences to be distinct, namely in the face.

Elijah will help us, but I don’t know what faces us in Tristine, nor what our next step is. I only hope that Cara is safe – and I suppose I hope Zarena is safe too. It’s not her fault that she does not have a unique thought in her head, after all.

Until Next Time,



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