Campaign of the Month: February 2014


It’s been awhile, dear Journal, since my last entry. I have been incredibly busy with my new freelance work but have managed a few days off. So I decided to pop back here, into my little piece of heaven, and enjoy some peace and tranquility.

I enjoy that my realm is quite static, as I always know what to expect when I come here. The monotony is rather comforting, especially since I fear the changes which are about to unfold on Regnum.

My last dropoff has been the most interesting yet. I arrived in Lavia with plenty of time before my “packages” were scheduled to arrive. There was a little tavern there and I had a lovely meal while I waited. The meal wasn’t anything extraordinary, but it was comforting food and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

At the scheduled time, I arrived at the dock and saw two humans waiting there. They had their bags for passage available and assured me that the 10,000 gold which was agreed upon was within. I verified that I had their permission to transport and then took their hands. The female passenger looked incredibly nervous, but willingly took my hand.

The world then shimmered and danced before us, as it always does during transport. When we arrived in the realm a few seconds later, the female was incredibly shaken. Zarena, as I later learned her name was, began yelling and was demanding to know who was going to arrest me.

I was rather taken aback by this. Certainly, I have had individuals panic after transport, but never have I had someone demand that I am arrested. It became quite clear to me then that Zarena was not aware of her transport. Clearly my benefactor hadn’t explained this process to her.

I was incredibly concerned that she would bolt out my front gate and into my home on Regnum. I had no choice but to cast a spell of sleep on her. It was so relieving when I discovered how well she responded to it, and she immediately crumpled onto my wooden floor.

Her traveling companion Zhatist moved her from the floor to the couch where she would be more comfortable. I inquired why I should be arrested and he asked me not prod any further. At this point, we had at least an hour before the spell wore off, and I was concerned about transporting a passenger unconscious.

I advised Zhatist that he was free to travel my grounds and he wondered outside while I attended to things within the cottage. From the back window, I saw him lean over the back stone wall and promptly topple onto the lawn. I ran outside to verify that he was ok, concerned that I may need to use a spell on him as well, depending on how badly he was shaken up.

We went back inside and I brewed some calming tea while he watched my enchanted fire dance for a bit. After the tea had taken its effect, I gently asked again about being arrested. Zhatist said that he would reveal everything, but only when we were alone. It was decided then that we would continue Zarena’s journey and then return to my realm.

We walked out the front gate with Zarena over Zhatist’s shoulder and were promptly in my front yard in the Kingdom of Greenwater. My attendants promptly arrived to take the girl, as we determined what to do with her. Zhatist emphasized that it was important that she believe that both she and he had been kidnapped.

My attendants promised me that they could get her back home within a few weeks, and with a “memory” of being kidnapped. However, this endeavor would cost 10,000 gold to ensure her safety and travel expenses. I was hesitant. 10,000 gold was the entire sum that I had just earned in this transaction.

Zhatist was earnest though to have her returned safely. He promised me reimbursement as well as potential future transactions. We agreed to these terms and left the unconscious girl in the hands of my good servants. I know she will be fine, as our contacts have become rather well established in this underground railroad of Regum.

Back in my realm, Zhatist revealed the truth about my last 5 transactions. They were all wereserpents – as is he! To be honest, this made me incredibly uneasy. I had not been aware that wereserpents existed, let alone view one in the flesh.

In my ignorance, I asked if he was going to turn into a giant snake and damage my lovely house. He chuckled and promised that the transformation doesn’t work in this way. He also told me that there are additional wereserpents in the Galvin Republic – at least 4,000 of them! They are all looking to leave as they fear persecution in their current lands. And my great benefactor who has been providing me the funds for these “packages” is his uncle.

I am still unsure where these people will end up, but if they are looking to escape, then I am willing to help. It is unfortunate though that I will need to create a new shape before my next transaction. I was rather fond of the female elf persona with the silver hair.

Rascal is doing well, although I didn’t see him at all on my brief visit home. My guess is that he is in the woods. I need to stock my creek for fish him though during my next venture out. The last batch that I transported for him couldn’t handle the transport and died from the shock.

Until Next Time,


Well done! Great first log can’t wait for the further adventures.

Journal Entry

Hi, I’m a Wereserpent, nice to meet you.
Well done- I am looking forward to getting to know this talented mage more!

Journal Entry

Four Thumbs up!!

Journal Entry

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