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GM Note: This log is an NPC log.

Rhavamanthys took a moment to be alone with Chen.

“What are you doing on this ship and what’s with the ‘sense dragon’ ring?”

“What? You have your secrets of magic and I have mine.”

Chen started to pour himself some tea.

“Tea?” The offer was polite.

“Not even if all nine hells froze over. No offense Chen but I can’t stomach that stuff.”

The Yin-Lord took a sip. “Really? Its quite delightful.”

The Thunder Lizard made a face.

“So why did you want to see me alone; for old times sake?”

“Old time sake? You are delusional. The last time we were together ‘Doctor’ you almost got us both killed. Your exploits are reckless and down right dangerous.”

“And…?” Chen was smiling now with a ‘come here’ signal expression coming from his hand.

“If you are fishing for a complement, young one, you will get none here.”

“Awe come on, we lived didn’t we?” The Yin-Lord took a sip again.

“Barely. Your loyalty to country and your incredible magic saved us.”

“And…?” Chen was fishing again.

“And you sir are still impulsive and brash. Why any senior dragon would take an interest in you is beyond me, but…” The old Thunder Lizard smiled, “I can see your potential”. His face immediately turned back to a scowl; “…and that was not a complement.”

“Come on, ya old coot, you like me. From the day I was born you’ve liked me.”

“Don’t flatter yourself. You are intriguing, nothing more. I assumed that you were on this assignment for power, money or…” he turned to Chen “something more? You’re hiding something aren’t you? What is it about this assignment that keeps your interest. You are so impulsive and brash that something like this would have you abandoning your companions in a second. You want action, drama, power, etc.”

“I am on assignment so my attention is fully on the work. “

The Old Lizard scowled again. “You were not good at keeping secrets, Doctor so I am going to give you a new secret that I am sure that you will most assuredly spill.

“You have my attention!”

“You remember the shrine of Nagara and how the eyes occasionally glowed?”

“Not in my life time.”

The old magi thought for a moment then continued. “Right. Well, it began to speak and opened its hand. In its hand was a pearl.”

The Doctor stopped sipping and put down his glass. “Well, what did it say?”

“Darkness has hidden its face for too long and the prophets will not be ignored. What once was hidden all will see. The wealth of Dragonwright will be the envy of every citizen in Yin Drakkos. Gods who were silent will be heard and the barrier broken. All will be as it once was.”

The young Yin-Lord was silent contemplating on what he heard. Finally he spoke. “What does it mean? Dragonwright has no prophets and priests yammer on about how they talk to the gods all the time. The wealth is knowledge and magic and we have quite a bit of it.”

“I don’t know. I thought that you’d have an idea with all your traveling.”

“I have barely scratched the surface of this world. The secrets of the dwarves are their own and every nation keeps to themselves.”

“Dwarves? I said nothing about the Dwarves. What do you know?”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s nothing. Well, nothing for now.”

“And the national secrets you talk of….?”

“Dribble and half truth; most of it’s legends older then both of us combined.”

“Older…? You are a pup.”

“You know what I mean. This world has held secrets for longer than dragons have been here. Well so I think. I still don’t have all the facts. Like I said I have nothing. I have one question though. What of the pearl? Where is it?"

“None of your business, non-believer. Now if you’d excuse me, I have a pupil to get back to but it’s nice to see you again, Dr. Kwatltal.”

The Thunder Lizard left leaving the doctor to pick up his glass of cooling tea. “What a strange person”, Chen muttered as he left.

An experience on night of the 20th of Vahishta, 10,002 A.T.

! Edited by the GM.
Picture of a study found at Dark Roast Blend. Edited by the GM.


I just did some CSS / HTML edits and changed the date from 10th to 20th of Vahishta. This is a great log and perfect for the PC’s interaction and history!

I also have a great angle for Season 3 now rather than that story being season 7. Exxceelllleeeennnntttttt!!!!!!!! Mwwuuuuuaaahhhhh!!!!!

In with the Old

Oh no what have I done?

In with the Old

Wow, Mr. Bingham- this may be your best log ever!!! Ridiculously good.

In with the Old

I concure, killervp! This was exceptional!!! This dialogue was professional quality. Two distinct, yet intriguing personalities were very clear. VERY fun to read. Great work!

In with the Old

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