Campaign of the Month: February 2014


In Nasu we trust

When Devan Rhinefelden bid his brother farewell the morning after they had met with Ser Magnus regarding the reports of his uncle. While it seemed they had made the correct call Franz had been angry with his brother Heinrich over waiting as long as he did before alerting him so they could make the call to request Guardian aid and have the good knight laid to rest.

That morning his cough had gotten worse, so he called for his medic, Behdin (a priest title for either sex in the faith of Dualism) Worgenmas, the tea he made for him always made the cough go away. Now he was up to needing it every 6 weeks, vastly improved from a year ago. Many people wondered why the “Death Behdin” was called to serve the Devan. However, it was Behdin Worgenmas that taught the Devan about plants that could hurt and poison a demon when mixed correctly. He showed him studies he had done with caught witches, and while sickening, this Behdin had produced more antidote cures for poison than Scholars in all of Rhinefelden!

“Worgenmas, how do you feel about your God being behind the slayings of children,” asked the Devan?

‘’Holy Devan, my god deals with the sickening aspects of death to be sure, however, he never said to kill people before their time. He wants the souls of the diseased, sick, and the ill brought to him via death but never asked for their slaughter. That type of work belongs to Aeshma and the killers, warriors, and mercenary wizards that follow his bloody devotions.’’

“Your words ring true, would your lord grant power to a devoted necromancer,” queried the Devan once more?

‘’ This will always be a possible outcome of faithful interaction with the divine holy Devan. I suspect it would be difficult for a necromancer to know if it was the lord of unholy death, Nasu, himself, a Demonic or Deeval force mimicking my dread lord, or further yet the Lord of evil and all lies, great and terrible Ahriman. All I know for certain in this world is I believe in Nasu for death eventually will claim us all, but if I study and understand as much as I can. Then maybe, just maybe, I can hold it back and give those I minister to a full life and a painless passing when that is the only option left.’’

“Thank you for the tea, Behdin, would you let everyone know we are leaving for the next city,” asked the Devan?

Behdin Worgenmas bowed and left the Devan to pack and collect his thoughts. So far every attempt to poison the Devan has failed and he has recovered faster each time as though he were developing an immunity to poison? His “Galvan Blood” was amazing if this was an unknown property that was developing!

After he had busied everyone with their tasks he scrawled a quick note.

This plan is unsuccessful. Proceed with the Archive acquisition options, all. The staff must be found I stand ready to serve.

After the ink had dried he removed a scroll and read it, as it burned up a greyish pigeon appeared from the ashes with a tube on its leg. The Behdin affixed the note and let it go out the window…

The Behdin return to help with preparations for the travel to the next stop on the Devan’s tour.



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