Campaign of the Month: February 2014


I got the magic stick!

I have the magic stick. My master is busy, so I got my favorite one. It has a neat clamshell on top. It looks like the kind that used to be in my pond, but I ate them all. We’re going on a trip! I don’t know where, but I hope they feed me dates.

The young man brought me fish, but I don’t like them. He got me slimy ones. I hate slimy ones. They make me fur feel funny. I need to find his boots and poop in them.

I like the new snake man. The young man doesn’t like him, so I like him a lot. He likes to take his fur off before growing into a giant snake. That’s really funny.

Uh-oh, my master is coming back. I hope she doesn’t put my in the big box. I hate going in there. It’s hot, and it smells like the slimy fish.

Bye Bye,


OMG so funny! Welcome to the Quill of Literacy!

I got the magic stick!

Oh good you got this up sorry I had forgot to post it myself :(

I got the magic stick!

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