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Honorable Drakkos, Primarch of our faith and nation

It’s interesting how life changes while you are on your journey of discovery; it seems that you discover yourself; Ill briefly explain as best as I can. We have been on this journey of discovery for a couple of days now and I originally was a dead set agnostic. I knew that there was gods but really I didn’t care what they were up to.

I have changed from that viewpoint and again, I’ll explain; I know that you knew me as a visionary and cared nothing for anyone except my work. Gods be damned I was going to accomplish what needed to be done and get back to my home country, sip tea and read a good book.

Funny how the gods see it differently, as we were sitting around the table for breakfast, we were making casual conversation about a up and coming party that was going to happen later that day. It seems that the minion er… familiar of Leena’s was missing and because she had made effort to psionically talk to the rodent and failed it was of great concern to find him. Our new companion uh, I cannot remember his name, he was an associate of Leena’s and after hearing that Rascal was missing asked to do a mind bond. I thought nothing of it as I had seen a mind bond or two and it generally doesn’t even hurt. In this case I was completely wrong. The bond started normal but something went wrong and within minutes the Daedal (the new guy) and Leena veins began to dilate to a rapid and dangerous level. As you know I know a thing or two of magic and was ample prepared for what happened next as the two concluded their bond their veins exploded. I am certain that it was excruciatingly painful.

After a moment of healing and recovery the two of them (still under the influence of the bond) said that they knew were the raccoon was. It was quite garbled as they were using both psionics and speech to communicate and because some of us are not accustomed to this unusual combination I was kind enough to translate.

Breakfast was over; I wasn’t sure that I was going to finish the grapefruit anyway. We began to make our way and were about to conclude the morning events when suddenly Leena told us that her familiar was fine and safe. He had transported to a safe location and was going to be fine. She also told us of his new acquisitions; among them a gold hammer. I thinking nothing of it went on with the rest of the day looking forward to the festivities.

At the party there was all manors of food and liquors; merriment was to be had on every face. About an hour in the events with the minstrels, poets, fire eaters, philosophers, etc; an unusual character then appeared. He was short as was most of the residents in the room (most of them were dwarfs) so he was not out of the ordinary. He then proceeded to ask the guards questions and then knocking them out. Fear turned to pandemonium when he started to ask for a gold hammer and threatened to kill all the guests. The Thane (Dwarf-lord of the city) attempted to overpower his guards while he was barking that they were interrupting his party. Us ‘heroes’ were attempting to isolate this fellow and I was using my magic to detain him; I should of killed him instead.

Because of my folly, he stuck me with a blast from his staff (which later I learned was a rune item). Immediately I died; that’s right I said I was deceased. My body was I was told turned grey and stopped moving. In this moment I was between worlds and could see heaven and earth. I could talk to the dead and the living if only for a moment. I called to you to save me and you suggested that if I wanted to live that I should turn to the gods. I should of known that you would make the recommendation as you are a priest. That day Kym-Nark-Mar saved me.

What seemed like hours passing were mere seconds and I was alive, breathing. In my mind was the command to build a new tattoo (as I am fond of them) and that I was to put it upon my person when convenient. The order given to my mind, ‘Serve me and I will be your teacher’ was the exhortion. All the time we were taking the staff (that we had separated from a being that called itself “the Drodd”) to the Obelisk, I could not help but reflect on those words. Now we will be making our way back to the ship but my life is changed forever.

I suspect that you knew that this would happen. You seem to be a very insightful person. I suspected that you knew that I was going to convert in this travel and knew not to tell me as I would have had turned down the assignment. If you knew than shame on you, you wise and powerful dragon; however if you did not I am sure that the gods knew and were eager to recommend it to you. Never the less, I am a changed person for the rest of my life; thank you.

The Doctor

Penned on night of the 24th of Vahishta, 10,002 A.T.

Image is taken from HERE.


Well done log indeed good sir!!!

A very Whovian signature I might add, lol!

I am not a Dratheist

Kym-nark-mar to the rescue….. again…..
What is it with you and your characters dying?
Oh, and bloody grapefruit might be really tasty…. or not….

I am not a Dratheist

Nice log. I love the description of the party.

I am not a Dratheist

You’re all welcome. The character is coming together.

I am not a Dratheist

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