Campaign of the Month: February 2014


Hi I'm your Cousin

I have no idea how to introduce myself to my very distant cousin. If my uncle’s letters are correct she was a necromancer, what do I say?

“Hi there make any friends, er not dead ones…”

Oh this meeting is going to crash like a burning Arudanni!

My uncle served the Guardians of the Accord till his heart gave out last year. Only those needing airship travel typically find the money, merchants or nobles to pay the Elves or a mage to fly them somewhere. My uncle used to tell me stories when quills never ran out of ink now you need to recharge them twice a year. Here I am with passage vouchers from the King of the Galvan Republic to Daerfast and then Tristine. I have never seen a “Skyfasts” in person befor………………….


I swear by Asha that I never seen anything so magnificent in all my years! There is a giant ring extending out from a city for air ships and the Arudanni to dock and land! From there you grab the rail or take a quick trip off the ring several miles to the land-side below. There are disc transports for cargo and large parties from what I can see and just amazing! I can see why the wealthy come here among the clouds. Above is a sketch I am trying (see pic) of what I saw from the boat.

Wandering the streets on the way to the Guardians Chapterhouse, I saw a Skyfast brothel I had heard about for quite some time and the girls are beyond amazing for all the other races, and some are almost as pretty as the girls in Galvan!

It didn’t take to long to make it to the upper areas with the Avandanti Temple to Garuda, and next to it was the Guardian Chapterhouse. I met with the head of the first Echelon detachment, and Arudanni name Commander Lyphan. When I gave him my orders he said to bunk down and apprise him of the situation after evening food and prayer. We had a long discussion about dark magics, surface towns, what I wanted out of my career with the Guardians, and stay away from the brothels and women of choice demeanor. While to do not profess the faith of the path seekers I did bow my head when he offered prayer to his gods. It appeared to be the respectful thing one might do and we had our discussion wrapped up and I thanked him for some insights. We bid each other good night and I fall asleep tonight on a down bed among the clouds!

Tomorrow I am going to go look at the three floating towers near the mountains.

From the Journal of Ser Magnus VonIgnus Warhiet

Floating city courtesy of Tyler Edlin.
Arudanni birdman picture from Fantasy Artzine.


Hey Bootprint I put up the un-tinted one in your log after a conversation I had last night. I don’t want to restrict the view the PC’s have of the world. Rock on dude!

Hi I'm your Cousin

Cool, thanks!

Hi I'm your Cousin

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