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First Mate's Personal Log

Coon vs Dog, Coon wins?

GM Note: This log is an NPC log, it was however written by our own LURCH6571!

Personal Log of Mr. Parlo Zanshariff, First Mate and Executive Officer of Chaaya’s Quest

13th of Hordad, 0025

I have just come off of a double watch at the helm. It is rough going. We are racing to Galilee to attempt to intercept Black Sword’s Army. All members of the crew are on double watch. I never thought this behemoth could move so fast. Maintaining our course is very draining mentally and physically. I almost had to flog one of the crew on my last watch, he decided to play games instead of getting rest before watch, his inattention due to fatigue almost cost the ship. The COB (Chief Petty Officer of the Boat) stepped in and promised to ensure proper discipline would be inflicted. Ayden AnderWolf Hammerdon A new member of the Ambassador’s inner circle, a very young Dog-Boy, has been recruited by the Captain to assist in Helm watch and navigation of the ship. What the hell a little pup like him would know of helming a dingy, much less this beast eludes me; but his skills are astounding. It’s like he built the ship himself. He knows every port-hole and beam of this ship. Thanks to him the earlier mistake of the crewman was caught and corrected in a matter seconds, if that. He has been pulling double watch with the rest of us, but he doesn’t show any signs of fatigue…ever. I may have misjudged this Dog after all, especially after he spent two weeks brooding around the ship growling at ever crew member that happened to come across his path. A lot of them appeared genuinely fearful. Something about him I can’t quite put my finger on…

That’s why I was a little shocked by his antics earlier. I had just relieved the Dog from watch. He was headed below when he spotted that flea bitten pest. He stopped, coaxed him over, said a few things to him, and then placed his hand on his head. “Careful Dog-man you’ll get his fleas.” I thought. (All that fur they must be sweltering.) Then a couple moments later the runt smacked the dog right in the snout (that has to hurt) and said something to him. The Wolf just sat there and said yes Master. By the Water Sprites, I have never seen the like. Then he was chasing the little rat, screaming about his shoe and he was hobbling after it slowed by the fact that one of his was missing. That sight made me laugh a little; a near 7’ dog-boy chasing a 2’ rat-coon across the decks. The coon went behind a bulk head, the Dog-man stopped, and then suddenly his boot came flying right into his hand, a perfect catch; heel first into his palm. He laced it back up; triple knotted both boots. He then yelled, ‘’And make sure you get me that tazu’’ and went below deck. The craziness aboard this boat is getting more and more common.

Mr. Parlo Zanshariff
1st Mate & XO

GM Note: This log is an NPC log, it was however written by our own LURCH6571!


Oooh, the plot thickens! It’s funny to see Rascal referred to as flea bitten pest. I guess Chen isnt’ the only one that’s so “fond” of him. :P

First Mate's Personal Log

Who doesn’t love rascal?

First Mate's Personal Log

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