Campaign of the Month: February 2014


Dear Guardian Salazar,

Is it wrong to think your cousin, separated by 10 millennium of generations is how to the Galvan’s say it, “A tall goblet of good looking wine?” It’s not as though I can have children anymore right? Actually, I’m depressing myself the more I think of this, so pshaw with this, oh but he is so CUTE!

The poor dear found me in the Archive and talked to me about the terrible things happening to him. This sound like what I wrote of my past. Well poo, I was hoping to stay away from that nonsense of necromancers, blood magic and everything I had done before being reborn. If only I had found a teacher that wasn’t an evil person holding my folks captive.

AHHHHHHHH! Enough of those thoughts for now. It seems the council is intent on making sure I atone for my crimes with magic. So I tried to help him find information he needed. I tripped on a ladder coming down on purpose and we were nose to nose for a few moments! Dreamy, why on Regnum did I not become a Time Mage, oh not fair. He is so polite its going to be the death of me!

Well sorta!?!

Oh, I forgot the Druids were from a few days back were Elves, some Ursen, two Changelings and four Gosai were conducting three weddings! It was so beautiful seeing the Humans, Elven, and Ursen couples becoming hand fasted for a year and a day! Am I allowed to mary? Do you know if Guardian Magnus is single?

So back to my future boyfriend, well apparently I don’t need to eat as much anymore but the sweet thing offered to buy breakfast.

  • Cute – check!
  • Money – check!
  • Behavior – check!

I am so making him mine, but then Ahhh! Death from above Dun dun duhhhhhh! We were trying to help find the owner of a lost raccoon when these REALLY RUDE Arudanni swooped in and tried to steal ME!!!!!! OH HADES NO!!! When one grabbed the staff-me I could tell he was not a good person so I knelt and focus giving him the warning. Well the flying pile of dung mentioned to much money and it was ON!!!!! Burned his feather butt so bad his arms won’t be usable without heavy healing for months. If not treated soon that could be permanent, greedy beak clucker!

Just then one of the raccoon owners, another Galvan grabbed the staff and I warned him what would happen and he brought the staff back to me through the fighting. Oh what a nice man, Guardian Magnus still wins because his soul is good. My new friend Zhatist, Lord of Zierenberg is on the cusp of being good, however, he is not there as of this letter. That and he might be into men because he is traveling with the cutest little elf mage, whom is good and can handle herself in a fight. Yet apparently neither has made a play for the other, sad!

Leena, oh the Leafcloaks questioning us kept trying to puff up around Leena, all this hotness, oh my! Ah someone mentioned food when we are done.

I promise to write more but the day is bright yet full of danger!

Your student,

Picture is from concept art for Palladium Books.


Added links for the Leafcloaks

Death from above, haha!

Updated time for reading order.

Death from above, haha!

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