Campaign of the Month: February 2014


Covert Eyes

Journal Log 10.1

I’m writing this from the deck of the Three Brothers Trading Company ship: Barnabas, where the sun has just set and the hue of the sky has become a lovely shade of purple. That is the only good part of the day. Leena has been so brave given the terror that has befallen us, and I am not sure if I and my cause has brought this upon her.

This morning I saw how she uses her special realm to ship product and her brother came out the barn on her property that also acts as a doorway to her magical realm! Amazing & beautiful! As the wagon train passed thru a message was brought Leena, but briefly stolen by her familiar, Rascal.

Someone is tracking us because I was mentioned in the NOTE, which contained a finger! 12 Ahuran-Damn hours! They were clearly tracking us and now her other servant, Brom, is the Elven son of Cara the Elven woman missing a finger! Even though Zarena would have slaughtered me if she knew she did not deserve to die in some back room shite hole at the hands of someone torturing her!

Not knowing when another ship would arrive Leena used a magic pigeon spell to summon her brother back to here so we might use his ship. Once in the capital of the Kingdom of Greenwater, Tristine, we were to break into the Archives and steal something!?!

It is one of the most heavily guarded repositories of knowledge in all of Regnum! They have three rune weapons on display! If I don’t rescue Zarena though my whole race’s cover might be blown! Her brother demanded proof of my kind before helping me so I shifted for him and Leena. Once they were convinced we packed for our trip, since I have almost nothing but what I carry it was easy for me.

What new Terror awaits us in Tristine, jewel of the Greenwater Isles?

The Inspector



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