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Chief Deputy Ambassadors Official report to the Ambassador part 1

bumi2.pngMadam Ambassador,

HourGlass.jpgEven though you joined us for the latest escapade, I still want to put this down for the official record. Ambassador Greyclaw was crucial to our delaying tactic of Gazhur Drodd by sending him to another plane, with the assistance of Mother Uwa. He informed us that he tried to send him ‘away’ for a very long time, but Mother Uwa prevented it and allowed 7 days. After returning to Chaaya’s Quest, from dispatching Drodd (albeit temporary), the ticking become so loud and fast that if actually effected every psychic creature on board. It was so loud that Deputy Ambassador Dr. Chen was completely incapacitated. I myself was extremely agitated and short with EVERYONE, including yourself (I do profusely apologize for my outburst). I attempted to cure what ailed him. No success but I did get some incredible insight as to what is causing the horrid ticking. I glimpsed the image of thousands upon thousands of beings behind crystal doors knocking on said doors. So, the only way to alleviate the Doctors suffering was to take him away from the ship. Deputy Ambassador Leena took him somewhere that was safe and he was completely restored. Once everyone was back on board Chaaya’s Quest we got a dispatch from your Father telling us to get to the central city A.S.A.P. there are major developments that couldn’t discussed or explained over pigeon.

chaaya-s-quest-named.pngCaptain Akshay was given the order and he had the ship going at breakneck speed, again. This time it was to the point that we almost had to strap ourselves down. She was docked and we entered the City. What glorious relief once we entered. The ticking went back down to a normal level. I felt like it had been an eternity since the cacophony had become such a horrid onslaught. I wondered at this point how much others like us were affected by the increase in the ticking worldwide or if it was just localized to Fikir Tayfa, and if was dependent on one’s psychic strength. The walls, as you well know, were shielding us somewhat. Me made haste to your Fathers chambers and relayed everything we knew. It was mentioned about the keys and the Word of Brahma and what next should be accomplished. After some discussion, we made arrangements to have the keys brought to the central city and we dispatched ourselves to retrieve the last key.

TimeBomb.jpgWe left the city (OH GOD THE HORRID NOISE), boarded Chaaya’s Quest and set sail at best possible speed for the southeastern ring city. As we approached and surveilled the defenses we witnessed the after math of what can only be described as utter anarchy and chaos. The ramparts and battery emplacements were littered with bodies, hundreds upon hundreds of bodies. If was as if everyone on the defenses started to attack each other. It was very disturbing. As we got close enough to see details with the naked eye we saw a huge crack in the outer wall where it met the spoke. We determined that we could get Chaaya’s Quest near the crack and lash planks across so we could enter the city. Mind you we all expected to be fighting for every inch to get in the city. The moment we had the planks set, a very strange attack befell the crew and mission members. Nine people’s shadows, including Ambassador Mimir’s, suddenly SPRANG to life and started attacking them. It was such a revolting horror to see this that I was nearly in total shock from the sight. I was barely able to regain my composer. Once I did I started barking orders to the crew to attack the shadows of their fellow crew. The rest of the crew was taken aback at the sight. Upon hearing my commands, Mr. Parlo took up arms and rallied the crew to handily defeat the outlandish intruders. Even those attacked by their own shadows overcame their fear and fought valiantly. (note: need to try and arrange a raise or bonus for the crew. The sights and fights they’ve seen would have sent the strongest packing a long time ago or begging for a merciful death.)

ShadowKickBoxing.jpgOnce the invading spooks were dispatched, we disembarked the Quest and made our way to the throne room. The ticking subsided slightly as we entered the city, but only slightly (I wish I could RIP out my own brain to quiet the blasted noise).The story was the same in every hall we went down and every chamber we came across. Bodies everywhere. I took a moment to ‘examine’ one of the bodies (I swear if I make it out of this without permanent psychoses I will have to thank the Gods for their favor and my Master for his tutelage). I saw disturbing things. After, what seemed liked, everyone in this city attack and kill each other, dimensional rifts started opening all over the ley line that runs across this city. Mystical creatures began pouring out of the other dimension. They wear not visible to the normal eye, but I could only see their imprint. They started possessing the shadows of those few that were still alive, and attacking them. They seemed to be feeding off of the raw emotion that was flowing through the city like a river; like I said, very disturbing. We moved on quickly, trying to get to the throne room and retrieve the last key. Once we arrived, we saw a twenty foot shadow holding the key. It saw us simultaneously and shrieked a warble so loud and intense that it nearly drowned out the ticking (a Daewulf could only wish). Seeing that we didn’t react in a frightened manor, it yelled out “IT’S MINE!” and fled down a stairwell behind the throne.

Sebatical.jpgI will have to complete the rest of the report later. I am being called to some official duties (such tedium sometimes, how do you do it all the time?). A few notes: I am still awaiting a response to my request, from Ambassador Von Jankmon and yourself. I intend on taken an extended sebatical, once Drodd is done permanently, to explore and seek out some kindred brethren that have been missing for a very long time.

Your confidant and friend,
Chief Deputy Ambassador Ayden AnderWolf Hammerdon

All photos taken from stock photo open copyright sources


Love the revisiting of the constant noise- comes across that it was truly constant.


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