Campaign of the Month: February 2014


Honorable Drakkos, Primarch of our faith and nation,

I, your attaché, have arrived safely and am ready to report that I grow concerned of my mission. With little but past events as my guide I am uncertain what I will discover. The town is lovely and is exactly as you described. The only thing that seems amiss is the attempts to isolate the damage caused at the sky docks yesterday and there seems to be a lot of suspicion about those that have just arrived or left. Soldiers parade the boardwalks looking for those that would be suspicious and the whispering is defining from the rumors that abound. Twice have I been threatened with arrest for asking about the White Eagle but your papers have proven worth their weight in gold; I appreciate it. I have been guided by your assistant with my concubine to the ship and have registered for passage. While waiting for entrance we are in the local hotel in the mean time.

Security here as I have said is tight and a temporary rule has been put into effect that no one is allowed to guard their faces; no hoods or hats that shade your face are allowed. Our hands are to be seen if asked and we are not to carry weapons in our hands except in self defense. This night there was a curfew enforced to insure that suspicious charlatans cannot easily move about the city. I am certain that the Swordsman is gone and the damage has already been done; fear is here and there is nothing to stop it.

As I write this by the soft pale glow of sand crystal light I want you to know that I look forward to meeting the Ambassadors and the team that you spoke of though I have troubles sleeping. The excitement has probably affected me. At any rate I will keep you informed of further knowledge.


Penned at highsun on the 5th of Vahishta, 10,002 A.T.

Picture from Wallpaper Art.
Yin-Lord Sorcerer Male by Pictishscout,


Could I get a cheat sheet on the hyperlinks for the primary nouns (people, places and things) so in the future I can properly highlight the links and get the backdrop for the text as well as the proper font? Thanks.

A Wayward Visitor

At first I thought this was coming from an NPC, something AZ-Rune produced to thicken the plot. But this is our new PC travelling companion Chen the Yin Lord! Fantastically written, HenryBingham! Love the tone.

A Wayward Visitor

Thanks. It was written last night and I hope to embellish the story to whole new level.

A Wayward Visitor

Okay I added tags, your wallpaper (a little darker than I thought) which is based on the divider colors on your character sheet I have you pick. The links for a few people and places are in your log so you can copy this next time and edit out what is no longer relevant. The type of links are taken from KillerVP’s A God…Rebuilt and the classes for character / place / item are the same.

A Wayward Visitor

I like this. I can’t wait to see where the story unfolds.

A Wayward Visitor

Seems there is more invested in Chen than there was in Rem…. perhaps a good thing he met with such an early demise- well done!

A Wayward Visitor

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