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This world in the Palladium Megaverse is a personal expansion or take of existing ‘canon/official’ material from Palladium Books Inc.® On page 141 of Palladium Books – World Book 12: Library of Bletherad it shows the only listed map and some names of the empires found upon the world. The only written lore is on page 136 of Palladium Books – World Book 12: Library of Bletherad & page 167 of Palladium Books – Land of the Damned 1: Chaos Lands it mentions this world with the following paragraph:

“The Heroic Realm of Regnum, a majestic realm where magic is at its height and the land is ruled by a dozen grand empires who have not warred upon each other in over 10,000 years. Yet, there brews discontent in this garden of paradise, and many of the realm fear a great destruction is soon to befall the entire realm.”

This became the project mission statement for building this world – a paragraph & one map. So I set out to build a world that had known peace longer than 250 times the duration of the United States as a nation. Also that 12 empires had no war, so academia in the form of wizards, warlocks, priests, and even some psychics were the ruling class or at the very least the power brokers of such a world. Now that is not to say there is not crime, politics, maneuvering between nations. I just looked at it as taking the cold war stance on such machinations of the powers that be. To give you an idea of scope of size the U.S.A. could fit its land mass 2 to 3 times on the main continent. So I borrowed an idea / conspiracy and created the Accord – the world government and its ruling body of the ‘World Council’ to oversee the peace.

So think of games that describe the Age of a Thousand Magicks, the great Wizards of Netheril, the first age of Elves from Gondolin! Think of the age when legends were forged on anvils and myths created by thoughts of heroes of the day. When the world comes crashing down and recovers the tales, artifacts, runic creations will be what future epochs tell the younglings about and soon dismissed as fantasy. But for now this is your age, and you are forging the lore with each breath you take.

Welcome to the world of Regnum!

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