This race of highly aggressive amphibious humanoids lost 3/4 of their race 100,000 years ago when they were recruited by the Chaos Lords to fight on another world, and then later by other Gods of Light and their agents the to help on yet another world as well during the same epoch.

They wanted nothing to do with the surface until 9,000 years ago there were horrible undersea tremors and prior to this, a mere 600 years before, the great Undersea Tunnel from the Kingdom of Greenwater, Berkay, and Korin Ithrik. The three countries came together once more and with some legendary feats of engineering and magic were able to save the largest of the cities of Vorlantis, their empire below the water.

Later they signed the Accord to show the Humans of the Galvan Republic that working together meant not being left alone to fend for one’s self.

Zaranceti prefer underwater environments, but being amphibians, they can survive indefinitely on land, too. That said,they will steadfastly avoid overly dry areas such as the desert regions of Berkay. There native language has become High-Elven and Trade-Elven is the next most common spoken tongue, when the Elves shared their language the Zaranceti shared their hieroglyphics writing form and the combination of the two became High-Elven and the native language of both peoples.

Even good-aligned Zaranceti are instinctive conquerors and expansionist by nature who earnestly believe that all of the world’s oceans are theirs to dominate. Physically, the Zaranceti are smooth-skinned humanoids that look like a highly evolved and distant cousin to some form of fish, shark or amphibian life form. They possess webbed hands and feet, and their
heads sport minimal facial features. They are most easily noted for their pale orange skin and wavy, dark orange stripes running down the back half of their body. Their eyes are milky white and almond shaped. Their wide mouths are filled with double rows of short, sharp teeth. They have no visible ears, but possess incredible hearing.

Abilities/Stats Known: High SPD in the water, society as varied as any human one. For more information on PC creation please see LoD – 1 Chaos Lands by Palladium Books Inc.

Zaranceti courtesy of Palladium Books Inc.


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