Werebeasts Purge

The Purge of the Werebeasts

This was a dark time for the Avestan kingdom and its people. Werebeasts, shifters, demons roamed the land until the Daedals and a man called Galvan stood up to them. Galvan Wormfang’s coat of arms became the emblem of the Galvan Republic after the war ended. Galvan was presumed to have died in the final confrontation with the werebeasts, according his closest friend: Alden Rhienfeld. Alden was Devan of the Church of Dualism and became king at the behest of the people. During his coronation a small cell of werebeasts stormed in trying to kill the king to be crowned and the Daedal warlord, Mitrandul, gave his life to hold them off and saved them till the guards arrived.

This event is shrouded in conflicting reports from scholars of the day, and trying to discern truth from opinion is very difficult. The great mysteries surrounding this are:

  • Did a breed of werebeast betray their kind?
  • Was Galvan a werebeast?
  • Is there a continent they went to?
  • Is this the truth of the Blood War?

Werebeasts Purge