These creatures of magic are right out of the earliest tales and most people say legends of Regnum from the times of the Chaos Lords! Legends abounded with tales of shape-changing men and demon-men who appeared to be normal humans by day, but were transformed by moonlight into beasts. The earliest legends speak of how the Chaos Lords began playing with the ancestors of the Daedalan people and humans. Daelf or Daelves is the ancient word for the ancestors of the Daedalan people. Those mixed with humans were half-demons called weredaelf or weredaelves for plural. During the war against the Chaos Lords all of the noble beastmen known as Minotaurs (bovine beastmen) and nearly every single werebeast were taken to the battles on countless worlds, never to be seen again. There is no known living Daelves or any of the werebeasts currently surviving according to scholars. The only other commonality found in all of the tales is that all Werebeasts have three forms:

  • a Humanoid,
  • a Half-beastman,
  • a Full beast form.

Their is significant findings of ancient lore that suggest a race was tested as werebeast first before deciding its future final form. There are some indications that other races maybe locked away in hidden underground crypts waiting to be awakened. One of them suggests a more noble cousin to the Minotaur called Equitatus. Most modern scholars feel Equitatus is a myth and pay no heed to it.

When it comes to the occupational limits of werebeasts all that has been noted regarding those that have come forward in the Galvan Republic. That they were involved in all aspects of society and they were 5 noted that studied magic. It would appear any occupation was capable but the vast majority did gravitate to nobility, military strategy, combat fields, or loss prevention and retrieval.

Documented Werebeasts:
  • Weresharks – “Anifail Siarc” in High Elven, tales record by the Zaranceti historians and Galvan people.
  • Werebirds – “Ptitsa Zver” in Ahrus, tales record by the Arudanni and historians of the Galvan people.
  • Wereserpents – “Sampa Janavara” in Avestan, tales record by the historians of the Galvan people.
  • Werecats – “Sao Shou” in Shionese tales record by the historians of the Shirn and the Galvan people.
  • Werebears – “Wama ’kaska Me ’te” in Uwa’yafe, tales record by the historians of the Galvan people. Most of these tales are translation of oral telling from the Ursen mystics speaking the Song of Time.

When the Yin-Lords appeared and became protected by the Dragons of the Isthmus many thought they were weresnakes returned and war was averted only through the intervention of the Guardians.

Werebird from Chronicles of Drakoa.
Weresnake from Mr. E. Black, check out his Art!
Wereshark from Reaper Miniatures.
Weretiger from Yamao, check out his Art!
Werebird from Stonegate, check out his Art!