Walking Dead

Walking Dead

There are a variety of the Animated/Walking Dead. As they are discovered by player characters I will elaborate on them here.

Most of the animated/walking dead come in to forms: corpse and skeleton form of any animal, humanoid or monster. On average they are slow in speed but deliberate in intent Most will have forgotten any fighting skills and have two attacks per round via punches, kicks, claws and bites (1D6 damage). Any weapons they might be holding will not be done with proficiency and treated as clubs (add 1D6 to damage for one handed and 3d4 for two hand items). If you have a giant sized version of the animated/walking dead then just double you speed and damage.

Only total destruction will stop the walking dead!

Average S.D.C. will be as follows:

  • Small skeleton or corpse (think dwarf, goblin): 50 S.D.C.
  • Medium skeleton or corpse (think human, elf): 80 S.D.C.
  • Large skeleton or corpse (think Yin-Lord, Shirn-Rahl): 140 S.D.C.
  • Giant Sized skeleton or corpse (think dwarf, goblin): 200 S.D.C.

Complied image done by GM

Walking Dead