The sea.

‘Father, when I spoke with that Shirn boy he said looking out onto it there is a calming effect on many people, and their is daily meditation times in North Jeolla on the northern coastline Sussuria. One feels at peace seeing the waves lap against the shores.’

‘Surface people, typical,’ replied the frowning Zaranceti parent.

Such is the view from those above and below the surface of the oceans of Regnum. This country is unique in its borders are very hard to breach for most and is almost forgotten. Many among the Zaranceti woulld like it to stay this way. Still without surface help a great tragedy might have wiped them out 9,000 years ago. In ancient times this race of highly aggressive amphibious humanoids lost 3/4 of their species when they were recruited by the Chaos Lords to fight on another world, and then later by other Gods of Light and their agents the to help on yet another world as well during the same epoch.

They wanted nothing to do with the surface until 9,000 years ago there were horrible undersea tremors and prior to this, a mere 600 years before, the great Undersea Tunnel from the Kingdom of Greenwater, Berkay, and Korin Ithrik. They added a branch to the Undersea Tunnel and in time it became a city shared by the Dwarves and Zaranceti, Ith-Azul, Bluesilver in Trade Elven. The Zaranceti made new pressure vents that were installed in the ocean’s floor to allow the release of pressure harmlessly across the undersea empire!

The Dwarves shared Stone Mastery with the Zaranceti and the Elves shared their culture, arts, and schools of Magic. Between the Elves and Zaranceti a new language emerged, High-Elven, and in the years following many things merged between these surface dwellers and the empire below the sea.

Vorlantis signs the Accord in 1017 A.T., the ninth empire on the document. They did so primarily to show the Galvan Humans that to be alone was to face the near disaster that befell them without help.

Motto: Water is our Dominion

Capital City: Zarzuul
Notable Locations: the surface prison towns of Abantis & Tyrantis, the Undersea Trade Tunnel city of Ith-Azul (Bluesilver), and the trade port of Mercantis

Picture by Athayar!
Shield heraldry by HOTROD!


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