Uwa 'te

Uwa ’te: The Hand of the Mother

Earth Society Reference: various native Indian Tribes and other rural cultures.
Predominant Religions: The nature based Druid Spirit Worship

The Ursen come from the northern continent around the Gulf of the Maw. These humanoid bears are not unlike the wolfen of Palladium or the Bearmen of the same world. However, they count time from the day darkness gave way to light, when chaos gave way to order. They mourn the loss of their brothers the minotaur for they choose darkness when given the chance to go to the light. They have never seen them since they left with the fathers of darkness and chaos. They know that they guard the tomb of the world for legends say beneath the Teeth of the World lies the father of chaos that made them but the mother of light freed them from their sick father and they put him to sleep. They watch over him to this day and make sure he dreams of peace and not war.

The legend of the sleeping father of chaos was ancient when the Founder Races’s arrival, and they were the fifth empire to sign the Accord. Among the Ursen you will find tribes of Druids, Warlocks, Nature Priesthoods that often call out to the light mother, Uwa, and her children. They have a tribal counsel and Great Chief chosen from among the chiefs every alignment of the planets or when they die. The Great chief must be strong, wise, and fair. The choosing is designed to make sure the great chief has all those qualities. They move through the three phases of life: Brave, Chief, Seer. All Ursen experience three dreams visions in their life when they grow to adulthood ushering them from one phase to the next.

Seafood, medicines, and exotic lumber are among some of their exports to other empires. What military they have is all of the young braves in the 1st phase of their life organized by tribal traditions.

Motto: Live for others as you would have them live for you

Capital City: Uwa ’yahe
Notable Locations: Northteeth and Southteeth

Picture of Ursen Warrior and cub from Sandara at Deviant Art, check out that gallery!
Shield heraldry by HOTROD!

Uwa 'te