The Barrens

The Barrens

Above is the mountains on the southern border of the barrens

This far western land is the realm least understood and are often called “the Barren People” or “the Invisible People” among the other empires. No one is sure how long they have existed. Many say they have been around before the time of the Founder Races’s arrival 10,000 years ago. No one is sure in all that time if there is any exports other than sand crystals, glass and stories of what the “invisble people” of the Barrens are?

Depending on whom you talk to: a drunk, a scholar, a merchant your questions will vary wildly!

  • Sand that is alive and will choke you till it strips the flesh from your bones!
  • Nothing
  • Now why would I tell you where I get my sand crystals? Are you going to buy something? If not then make nice nice with your camel elsewhere, yes.

The closest city is Galilee in Berkay and they have said that going 10 miles pass the border if you are not invited will get you swallowed by the sand. The invisible people are supposed to have an empire out here called, Fikir Tayfa, and yet no known can remember the city they visit in the same place. The whole land is as shifting as the sand dunes.

Lanscape courtesy of WallpapersWA.

The Barrens