Earth Society Reference: Japan, Korea, & Mongolia 15th Century
Predominant Religions:
1.) Paths of the Aspects,
2.) Church of Dualism,
3.) Path of the Avadanti
4.) Church of Dragonwright.

Because the Philosophy known as the Path of the Aspects tells you that if seeking guidance of a celestial nature would help you achieve perfection then seek it out. This country is quite possibly the most open when it comes to religion. Nearly 99% of those living (does not include transient travelers) in the country follow a Path of the Aspects and “typically” one other faith because they feel that deity embodies what they seek to become.

In the early days after the Chaos Lords were thrown down and the beastmen began looking for places to live there are tales of one member of the lion-like Rahl called Bodhi-Shirn. It is said he lead his people to the lands now called Sussuria and then gathered the Karya and Lulhi unto him after saving their people from threats many times.

It was not just that he had valor and courage, but he was wise in his decisions, generous with his wealth, caring for all he met. Soon he began to teach of a concept that had come unto him called Aspects. Every virtue was a path of enlightenment or perfection of the soul. During a yearly ceremony in the month of Dey he began to glow with a light and over the span of several hours he shared what he saw of Paths of the Aspects with all present. When the sun set he vanished with the setting sun and over the next few years a country formed of his wisdom, Sussuria, and the beastmen present took his name as their own in honor of all he had done for them, the Shirn were born.

They were the first empire to sign the Accord in 55 A.T. During the time they met the Elves and help them find a home in the Kingdom of Greenwater a special bond began to form. Many shirn live among the lands of Greenwater and vice versa with the Elves. The Elves shared the sword with them and they in turned shared the orb blade taught to the Shirn by Mythic Warriors. Over the years many of the martial traditions and demon slaying practices were codified and what emerged was the Martial Sai. A new breed of knightly demon hunter mixed with the devoutly spiritual nature of more traditional monks. Sai means “saint” to the Shirn so these special warriors were martial saints. From these beginnings dojos or schools and styles began to appear across the land over 10,000 years. They are never easy to find and the journey to reach one is fraught with peril to discourage the un-dedicated.

When you are raised among the Shirn of Sussuria you are taught to seek perfection, but the path there is as important as the destination. You push yourself hard everyday and feel exhausted but accomplished knowing you gave everything and rest is good for you now have earned it. There is very low crime in the country’s rural areas, and only the cities appear plagued with those that seek perfection in crime.

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Welcome to Sussuria, live hard or go home.

Motto: Truth, in and of itself is the only truth.

Capital City: Shirnairu (Pronounced Shir-nay-ru)
Notable Locations: Sussurian border city of Ith-mahal (half of the city sits on the Sussurian side of the border with Korin Ithrik), the Greenwater facing coastal city North Jeolla, South Jeolla borders Berkay on the Inner Sea across the water from the Berkay mainland and Inner Sea Caliphate of Zashzura), the plains towns of Nulhi and Rahl-atai, the mountain temple cities of Kariya & Kitanagoya, the border city of Rahl-kha (closest city to the borders of Daedala & the Vilgard Federation) and Ith-Mahal (which is directly on the border of the Shirn and the Dwarves). Last but not least is the cursed town of Sancho.

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Shirn people by Pachycrocuta, check out that gallery!