Savina the Repentant

Player Name: JT Playa
Rank & O.C.C.: 8th Level Invoked: Living Rune-Weapon
Race: Living Rune Staff (was Human)
Land of Origin: The Free Islands
Citizenship: Guardians of the Accord

This character is no longer alive in the classic sense of the word. For more information please click HERE’ or the name link in green above.

HT: 5’ 8" IQ 15 Save vs Magic +4 Strike +4
WT: 120 ME 15 Save vs Psionics +1 Parry +5
PPE: 120 MA 12 Save vs Coma/Death +5% Dodge +5
HP: 80 PS 18 Save vs poison/disease +2 Roll +6
SDC: 110 PP 17 Save vs H.F. +2 Pull +2
Level: 8 PE 17 Save vs Mind Control +6 Initiative +1
Exp.: 79,636 PB 20 Save vs Possession Imp. Damage +3
Sex: Female SPD 15 Save vs Perception +0 Critical 20
Birthday: Vahishta 14th AR-Nat 14 Pin 18-20
HTH: Expert HF N/A Attacks 5
Alignment: Scrupulous Trust/Intimidate N/A K.O./Stun 20
Charm/Impress 50% Death Blow N/A
Marques: ??
Gold Coins: Circles <> Triangles <> Squares <> Pentagon <>
Gold Coins: Hexagon <> Octagon <> Decagon <>
Marques: ??
Silver Coins: Circles <> Triangles <> Squares <> Pentagon <>
Silver Coins: Hexagon <> Octagon <> Decagon <>
Non-Monetary Items of value:
Gems <>

Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown
Blunt 1 +2 +2 +0
Knife 3 +1 +1 +1
Weapons: Damage Notes
Savina’s Rune Staff 4D6+3 Special – See Magic Weapons
- Total Bonuses - Strike: +4 / Parry +4 / Thrown +2
Daggers (2) 1D6+4 Dwarf made +1 to Strike & +4 to Damage
- Total Bonuses 2D6+7 Strike: +4 / Parry +3 / Thrown +3
Natural Weapons: Damage Notes
Punch 2D6 + PS / Supernatural Strength
Kick 3D6 + PS / Supernatural Strength
Body Block/Tackle 2D6 + PS / Supernatural Strength; loses one melee attack/action and initiative for the rest of that round.
Crush/Squeeze 2D6 + PS / Supernatural Strength.
Pin/Incapacitate N/A Supernatural Strength; must have a PS of 35 to break free.
Armor AR SDC Notes
?? ?? ?? ??
Living Rune Weapon Abilities: Notes
Bonuses: Host Body (Racial)
+1 on initiative, +1 to strike, parry and dodge, +1 to all saving throws, +6 to save vs all types of mind control, and impervious to possession.
Hibernation (Racial)
All Living Rune Swords have the ability to enter a hibernation state. This allows them to dissipate their host body and enter a sleep state. Once this is done, the host body cannot be reformed for at least 1D4x10 years, leaving it vulnerable and helpless during that time. In this state they are invulnerable to damage. The Rune Weapon will still appear as a typical Rune Weapon, but the consciousness inside will be silent and sleeping.
Two Forms, One Being (Racial)
Though there are two forms (Rune Weapon and host body), the Living Rune Sword is still just one being. As a result, it is nearly impossible to separate a Rune Weapon from its host body. Doing so would be the same as removing an arm or a leg of most other beings. If ever separated, the two will be able to sense each other regardless of distance, knowing exactly where the other is at all times. As a result of this connection, any attempt to disarm the Rune Weapon from the host body is performed at a -4 penalty due to their natural connection. This penalty applies only to the Rune Sword and host body, and no others. It does not apply to a different wielder, even if the two have bonded.
While an advantage, this is also one of their main vulnerabilities. Unknown to most is that if ever separated from its Rune Weapon, the host body will start to die. The Rune Weapon is the source of its power, and without it the host body cannot be sustained. For every minute separated, the host body suffers 1D6 damage, starting immediately from a separation of more than 5 feet (1.5 m). Fortunately for the host body, all powers and abilities are retained (except for Hibernation, which requires close contact), including the ability to heal. While this can help to save the host body’s life, it will only prolong the inevitable if the Rune Weapon cannot be regained.
Vulnerabilities (Racial)
Cannot recover health normally. Only by expending P.P.E. can the Living Sword repair the damage it has suffered. 1 P.P.E. recovers 1 Hit Point, or 2 P.P.E. for 1 S.D.C. (or M.D.C.). Only 10 H.P./S.D.C. (or M.D.C.) per level of the Living Rune Sword can be restored in a single melee round.
If the body of the Living Sword is destroyed, it cannot make a new body and will be nothing more than a Rune Weapon from that point on.
Magic Bonus (Basic)
Minor / Basic Level – 1
+2 to save vs magic, +1 to save vs Horror Factor, +1D6 +1 P.P.E. per level of experience starting at level one (in addition to the standard level bonus for Living Rune Weapons), and recovers P.P.E. at twice the usual rate.
Spell Magic (Lesser)
Lesser Level – 4
Select six spells from levels 1-3 only. These spells can be cast in any order and combination as often as the Invoked sees fit. The only limitation to these spells is the character’s P.P.E. reserves.
Ley Line Knowledge (Lesser)
Lesser Level – 4
The Invoked is able to use Ley Line Drifting, Ley Line Rejuvenation, See and Use Ley Lines, and draw on P.P.E. from ley lines and ley line nexuses. All abilities are the same as the Wizard O.C.C. (see Palladium Fantasy®, Second Edition, page 107).
Aura of Dispel (Greater)
Greater Level – 8
The weapon is capable of creating an aura that can render one spell useless against the Invoked. While in effect, the Invoked can walk over a Carpet of Adhesion, cut through a Magic Net, or safely parry an incoming Fireball spell. It can even cast spells in an Anti-Magic Cloud. Due to the nature of this power, its activation cannot be prevented by magical means. This power works only for the Invoked (or wielder) and not any allies. So while the Invoked can walk over a Carpet of Adhesion, the spell remains in effect and can trap allies and others.
Limit: Two times per 24 hours
Natural Abilities: Notes
Nightvision 40’ (12.2 m)
PPE recovery 10 every three hours, awake or asleep
See the Invisible Always on
Impervious to Possession Always on
Fire/Cold/Poison/Toxins/Drugs/Disease Resistant 1/2 Damage, Duration
Broach of Doom See Notes Will mystically shrink and hold a single weapon which will pop out upon command word; up to and including a giant sized weapon.
Savina wears this bronzed broach to remind her of her family and hide her staff when traveling.
Provided for Guardian Operatives.
Pigeon Ring See Notes Will allow the user to use the spell: Magic Pigeon 3x per day
Provided for Guardian Operatives.
Savina’s Rune Staff 4D6 Special – See Magic Weapons
Special Powers: MAGIC Spell Strength: 12
Spell Casting Lev Acq Lev Spell PPE Range Duration Save Notes
Globe of Daylight 4 1 2 Up to 30’ (9.1m) 3min. /Lev. None Illuminates 12ft / Lvl. Can be mentally moved along at a Spd. of 12.
Armor of Ithan 4 3 10 Self or Other by touch 1min. /Lev. None A.R. of 18 and 100 S.D.C. plus 10 S.D.C. per level.
Breathe Without Air 4 3 5 Self or Other by touch 3min. /Lev. None Breathe w/o air, magic toxins still work.
Light Healing 4 3 6 Touch Instant None Clear out minor infection, minor food poisoning/upset stomach, a slight headache, tiny cuts, bumps and bruises; restores 1D6 S.D.C. or 1D4 hit points (not both).
Negate Poison/Toxins 4 3 5 Self or Other by touch Instant None Stops additional damage, doesn’t reverse damage.
Orb of Cold 4 3 6 200ft (61 m) 1 melee; +1D4 min. for numbness Dodge; Standard – Numbness Damage: 3D6 S.D.C. plus numbness penalties. A numbed opponent loses one melee attack, is -2 on initiative, -1 to strike, parry, and dodge, and speed is reduced by 10%.
OCC Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Language: Trade Elven 98 1 4 98%
Language: Avestan 50 +20% 1 4 85%
Language: Dwarven 50 +20% 1 4 85%
Literacy: Trade Elven 30 +15% 1 4 60%
Literacy: Avestan 30 +15% 1 4 60%
Lore: Magic
- Gen. Knowledge
- Rec. Wards, Runes & Circles
- Rec. Enchantment
- 25%
- 15%
- 10%
- 20%
- 20%
- 20%
1 4 Tot.
- 60%
- 50%
- 45%
Math: Basic 45 +10% 1 4 70%
Sign Language 45 +5% 1 4 98%
W.P.: Blunt 1 21
HtH: Basic 1 N/A
OCC Related Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
HtH: Expert N/A N/A 1 4 N/A
Lore: Geomancy & Ley Lines 25% +10% 1 4 50%
Lore: Religion
Dualism, Demons,
Undead, Avadanti,
Dragonwright, Chaos Lords
30% +10% 1 4 55%
Lore: Demons & Monsters 25% +10% 1 4 50%
Cryptogrphy 15% +5% 1 4 35%
Public Speaking 30% +5% 1 4 50%
Intelligence 30% +5% 1 4 47%
W.P.: Knife N/A N/A 3 2 N/A
?? ??% +??% 5 ?? ??
?? ??% +??% 7 ?? ??
?? ??% +??% 9 ?? ??
?? ??% +??% 11 ?? ??
?? ??% +??% 13 ?? ??
Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %
Horsemanship: Exotic Base
- 35%
- 20%
1 4 Total
- 50%
- 35%
Land Navigation 30 1 4 42%
General Athletics 25 1 21 98%
- Climb
- Rappel
- Sense of Balance
- Parallel Bars & Rings
- Back Flip & Somersault
- 40%
- 35%
- 30%
- 30%
- 40%
1 4 Tot.
- 55%
- 50%
- 45%
- 39%
- 55%
Body Bulding N/A 3 2 N/A
Wrestling N/A 6 1 N/A
?? N/A 9 ?? ??
?? N/A 12 ?? ??

Name Count Location Description
** ** ** **
** ** ** **
Savina’s Rune Staff 1 Held *( F ) *
Dwarven Daggers 2 Belt *Maker’s Mark say Ith-Mahal *

~ Bio ~

Savina is a beautiful girl approaching her late 20’s with light amber hair. Her skin is as pale as most Galvan Humans, and barring the hair she could pass for one. A few inches shy of six feet she is taller than many girls and more than one man has had to pick his jaw up when she walks by. She loves to wear shawls and scarves, thick in the winter and sheer in the summer. She is fit for the shape most magic users tend to have. Her smile could start a bar fight. Her eyes are a lovely blue-grey hazel just like the color of her staff of twisted and untwisted blue grey metal.

Savina looked at the book.

The things she had seen, far from the days of a baker’s daughter in the Free Islands, she had seen wonders she had only heard from a bard’s tongue in smoke-filled taverns, or in one of those trashy romance novels her father hated the prissy pants of the Green Isles for.

Some things you can’t unlearn.

Touching the book she could feel its consuming nature and seductive power. Life & Death had been hers to command and she had helped saved lives in rural Galvan Republic! That life had to be behind her now. She had been studying new spell theories for the last 2 years and her master had pronounced her a Wizard! She was a forgiven Necromancer, in exchange for the ultimate sacrifice of being reborn as a weapon against evil. For a term of one hundred years of service to the Guardians of the Accord. Her remaining family in the Free Islands would be given work and homes in the estates of the Guardians on the mainland.

She was brought before a panel of wizards, warriors, and working tradesmen of Baalgor Island. They queried her for days and broke the spells binding her thoughts. The pain of it had nearly destroyed her. In the end though she was now free and she still had her magic.

The book and the magic was her drug and her cure.

She wrapped it up and tucked it away in her room as a reminder.

“I am better than this, better than you!”

She could feel HIM mocking her.

She closed the door behind her on the way out her mission awaited. She was to become a weapon of light, that needed to remember the darkness. So she’d know how to fight it. Her notes had been completed and the ceremony was ready, time to forge a new life free from the shackles of the past.

Savina Picture courtesy of The Golden Freya.
Book is from free commons of Wikipedia.


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