Realm of the Skyfasts

Realm of the Skyfasts

Predominant Religion: The Path of the Avadanti

The Realm of the Skyfasts is the smallest and largest of the Empires of Regnum. They were the third empire to sign the Accord. It was the same day as the Dwarves of Korin Ithrik.

These are the homes to the Arudanni, a race of bird humanoids that claim descendant lineage to the great birds of prey. They are known to possess Air and Earth Warlocks, Wizards that practice Gravitonic Magic, and ever since their alliance with the Dwarves of Korin Ithrik, Rune Makers.

Courier service, they are the closest thing to a global postal service and it makes them privy to many secrets. They rival the Galvan Republic for the schools in realms of the Arcane Arts. Their strong alliances with the Dwarves of Korin Ithrik is stronger than any other nation due to the shared knowledge of runes and gravity magic. Aside from their capital city, Skyfast, all of the other fast holds are settled on floating islands of rock! Sometimes hovering about 3 miles above the surface of Regnum!

While the average size does vary it is roughly 80 miles to 100 miles in diameter for each of the floating cities which have floating obelisks above them chained to the islands to keep them from floating away. They collect rain, solar and ley line energy to be used by the floating cities for various needs. A wonder of magical engineering!

While there has been some disagreement between scholars on the support staff of the Guardian’s World Council. Many Ursen, Dwarves and Arudanni feel Sheenova, their mother diety may be another reference to Uwa – the Order Mother - after she helped to absorb/imprison Agu – the Chaos Father - within Regnum. They often in prayer many religious scholars believe that another distant child of Uwa and cousin of mighty Thunderbird, the World Council god, Garuda became the guardian of the Arudanni and fathered the Aruda species.

Motto: When you fly walls loose meaning

Capital City: Skyfast Mountain
Notable Locations: Belfast, Vilfast, Sussfast, Greenfast, Daerfast

Shield heraldry by HOTROD!
Floating city courtesy of Tyler Edlin

Realm of the Skyfasts