These humanoids were summoned from an alien world by the Dwarves during the Founder’s War. They have a reputation for being honor sensitive and have their self identity tied to there notion of honor. Those that have come over with the Founders have moved into the following nations:

Over the years their have been less and less Oneiromancers among them as a people but most outsiders have no idea given that the disappearance has happened, slowly over the last 9,000 years. A highly superstitious people that see signs in almost everything. Skilled at interpreting dreams these warriors have helped those they meet find purpose in their lives. Traditionally, once a Quorian leaves the Wandercamp he was raised in he is not allowed back, scholars think that is set up to help racial diversity. They are much more comfortable in group settings with strangers or more importantly anyone that is not a relative.

Stats/Abilities known: High PS and PE, superior sense of hearing, vision. Minor healing factor. Above average SDC/HP.

NOTE: For additional information Palladium Books PFRPG Book-9: Baalgor Wastelands

Picture courtesy of Palladium Books Inc.