Path of the Aspect


This is a philosophy of purpose that is predominantly followed by the Shirn of Sussuria. When the feline people wake up in the morning they look forward to perfecting the pursuit they love. For some that is speed via running as a scout, riding a horse as a message carrier, and yet others find that is the art of the sword, gardening, making food, etc. This is the philosophy of perfection that was among the teachings of Bodhi-Shirn during the month of Dey in Shirnairu. While the teachings speak of enlightenment, they all say there is no one single path to reaching it. Over the years some very different interpretations have sprung up that have said there is no one path to enlightenment because you have to master them all to get there. Others state you have to find the balance between them and more still say the paths of enlightenment change depending on the side of the playing die you’re looking at. Below is a list of some of the more common aspect paths and some of the typical Shirn you will find following them.

  • The Aspect of Creation – Smiths, Bakers, Midwives, etc.
  • The Aspect of Fury – Warriors, Physical Trainers, etc.
  • The Aspect of Courage – Militia, Martial Sai, etc.
  • The Aspect of Strength – Militia, Psychics, Wizards, etc.
  • The Aspect of Virtue – Leaders, Teachers, Lawyers etc.
  • The Aspect of Faith – Teachers, Scholars, Priests that worship other Gods

Each person walks his own path and each path of your chosen aspect is different. If one feels the need to pray to a god it is consider fine as long as it helps them on their path. It is said if anyone should have had mastered all aspects they would become an enlightened being as Bodhi-Shirn became.

Path of the Aspect