O.C.C's & R.C.C's

O.C.C’s & R.C.C’s for Players

A Note about Classes in the Regnum World:
Most classes you will recognize – when masters like Tolkien set the groundwork, why mess with it? Some are unique to the Regnum World in the Palladium Megaverse©. As I am using their conceived heroic world and setting, I again must thank Palladium Books©, Palladium 2nd Ed.©, Palladium Fantasy©, are registered trademarks owned & licensed by Kevin Siembieda & Palladium Books, Inc..

Occupational Character Class


Racial Character Class

Dragon Hatchlings
Living Rune Weapon

Thanks to Travis Guerrero for the optional material on Living Rune Sword.
Thanks to Timothy Dorman for the optional material on Mythic Warrior.

O.C.C's & R.C.C's

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