Kingdom of Greenwater

Kingdom of Greenwater

Predominant Religions:
The Church of Dualism,
the Path of the Avadanti,
and the nature based Druid Spirit Worship

The Kingdom of Greenwater was founded by the third daughter of Lord Azalon, Queen Lavia Greenwater. How she founded the land and the tales surrounding it are so muddle with conflicting stories from Dwarves, Elves, and Changelings that there has been more than one brawl in academic halls over who is “right.” Be careful where you mention it but their is strong evidence (your scholar sources may/will vary) to support that the Queen was the lover of the Dwarf King Ithgrum-Wind!

They were the second empire to sign the Accord in 62 A.T. They worked with the Shirn, to come up with a unification of spirituality and war that over time and additional influences became the Martial Sai.

In the founding years there was not enough men of magic among the elves to facilitate the expansions of the kingdom, the Dwarven engineers of Korin Ithrik went over and helped settle the great islands. Building the first underground highway between the Kingdom of Greenwater, Berkay, and Korin Ithrik. In the elves eyes this ended any hostilities between the their races.

600 years later (9,000 years ago) due to horrible undersea tremors the Kingdom of Greenwater, Humans from Berkay, and Dwarves from Korin Ithrik came together once more and with some legendary feats of engineering and magic were able to save the largest of the cities of Vorlantis, the empire below the water.

Largest items shipped from this land are day to day magical items such Quills of nearly Endless Ink (25 pages a day), Canteens that refill with water for 3 gallons, everyday. Alchemy has reached amazing heights and it is costly for the items that rival runic magic in item creation. They are the only empire with an Aerial Navy of ships that fly as well as those that convey themselves via water.

It should be noted from a military standpoint that the Aerial Navy is the skyships owned by the crown but also perform double duty as internal mail service for the kingdom. The Leafcloaks are the backbone of the militia. A militia that is voluntary and staffed by wizards 2 to 1 over non-magic users. The view on this is that if mages are the ruling class they need to provide protection, governance and safety to those that may not have been gifted with such talents. Wizards and other magic users are taught magic is a tool and should be use to bolster everyone, never for the vain whims of hubris!

Motto: The moon is but the nighttime sun, sail on till dawn!

Capital City: Tristine
Notable Locations: Azalon, Krill, Lavia, Tarlan. The Gosai Isle of √čaradol.

Landscapes by Andreas Rocha, wow those are some awesome scenes!
Pictures from Hotrod!

Kingdom of Greenwater